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Jackson's Plan @ Duxton Hill

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Worthy lunch deals!


Jackson's Plan.


Epicure and most online reviews of this place had been more than spectacular...which made me curious. Jackson's Plan replaces Uluru at Duxton Hill and has both al fresco and indoor dining options.


Love the striped napkins.

jackson plan

Brit food, I am ready!

pimms no 1

Pimms No. 1 ($10)

Fruity concoction with hints of cucumber and tasted like cough syrup. Not the bestest drunk though.


Functional spoon that doubles up as a straw!

crab cake with quails egg

Crab cakes, quail egg, anchovy cream ($18.50)

Three crabcakes presented on a nice looking dish though the anchovy cream design looked haphazard. This was served lukewarm with a lovely breaded crust.


Crabcakes that tasted like tuna cakes and a cute fried quail egg. Unimpressive.

white pud

White pudding, homebaked beans ($11.50)

White pudding is made of oat, minced pork and cow fat. Pig tails were missing in the dish (though originally advertised so), replacing it was another portion of white pudding.

white pud

The breaded cakes had a nice crisp to it but that was really it. Served in an iron cast pan, it seemed that the dish was mildly preheated and re-presented in the dish.

seafood pie

Fisherman's Pie ($25.50)

Possibly the only dish the whole night that was served hot. Nothing much but torched mash potato with salmon and prawns at best. Is that all the sea can offer? Clams would have been ideal..or perhaps a buttery crust?


Saltmarsh Lamb, Irish Champ ($28)

Recommended by the waitress, I expected a bigger portion of lamb...or perhaps a rack of somesort? It arrived looking like a chunk of beef and tasted like pork.


Braised pork if I may add, after hours of simmering in juices. I never knew lamb could taste this way and I surely did not appreciate this interpretation of it.

farquhar mess

Farquhar Mess, Mango, Gula Melaka ($11.50)

Supposedly a signature of Jackson's, they did a reinterpretation of Eton's mess and localised with Farquhar, drawing inspiration from one of our founding fathers - William Farquhar. Arriving in a huge dessert bowl - the pile of whipped cream was appalling. Mango chunks and meringue were embedded in the frothy mess.

eccles cake

Eccles Cakes, Rum and Raisin Icecream ($10.50)

Cake? I beg to differ. Two lukewarm puff pastries stuffed with preserved fruit. I am sure the icecream was chocolate and not rum and raisin indicated.

Let's just say the PR agency of Jackson's Plan has done an awesome job for it. Yet another that fails to live up to the hype.

Jackson's Plan
Duxton Hill

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  1. It's pretty good lunch deal! Exploring more of Duxton Hill food scene? :) Waiting for more posts :)

  2. @ lorraine: Yep I'll be! I think I've mostly sussed out the main places around the area..but there are a couple more on the list! :)Gotta find time to go!!

  3. Beppe, restaurateur of The Jackson PlanSeptember 16, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    Hi there, thank you very much for dining at The Jackson Plan and I do sincerely apologize that the whole experience was not what you have expected. We do pride ourselves in serving up the most authentic British food which you can’t find elsewhere in Singapore. If you do keep an open mind, feel free to drop by and give our weekday lunch deal a try! I am sure you will be impressed by our Homemade Fish and Chips, which is definitely a crowd favourite.

  4. Hi Beppe, thanks for the recommendation. Will try to and hopefully it changes my impression of Jackson's Plan. All the best :)