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Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant @ TripleOne Somerset

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It was one of those gloomy days that I craved something bland and perhaps soupy - steamboat came to the rescue! Imperial Treasure's Steamboat supposedly one of the best around (After the Coca episode...I had my reservations about "best"). Completely booked, they were trying to do as many seatings in a night by offering us a table with a caveat - leave before 8pm.


We headed for the set menu for two at $68++, comes with quite a good spread actually.

fill it up

Before it gets filled.


A tray of condiments get served up.


My very own sauce put together at a price. Not sure exactly how much mixing your own sauce is but there's a surcharge for it.

remote control

Remote to control the heat.


Two soup bases and ironically, I headed for the spicy ma la and century egg parsley soup base.


Complimentary spring rolls.


Assorted vegetables.


Live Prawns


Beef Shank


Canton Mud Carp Fish Ball, Cuttle Fish Ball, Shrimp Shuijiao, Pork Wanton

sliced pork

Kurobuta Pork Belly
Comes with a portion of noodles.

Food generally is a notch higher than steamboat buffets for obvious reasons - fresh, tastefully done and served. Would not mind heading back though ala carte may be a better option for choice cuts!
Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
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TripleOne Somerset

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