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Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao @ Marina Square

Think Xiao Long Bao and I think Din Tai Feng rather than Imperial Treasure. The number of restarants associated with Imperial Treasure have gotten too many for remembering; steamboat, la mian xiao long bao, korean, super peking duck...the list is endless. I almost forgot about their outlet at Marina Square until a particular gathering!


Xiao Long Bao ($4)

I suppose DTF has long brainwashed all of us with the 18 fold classic theory. These were decent soupy dumplings but the skin was a point of contention - thickened too quickly though still better than Paradise Dynasty's!


Hot and Spicy La Mian in Sze Chuan Style ($7.50)

After Mayim's horrific experience, I try to steer clear of la mian but since it's a featured item, I gave it a go! Thankfully the only grouse was it clumping together but the texture was firm and springy still. Plump wantons made this hearty.

mayo prawns

Deepfried Prawns with Mayonnaise dressing ($18)

Thought these looked too pale - cannot seem to wipe the image of wasabi mayo prawns off the memory bank. Crispy fresh prawns with a delectable mayo cream to match.

sweet sour soup

Spicy Sour Soup

Appetizing but did not cause a runny nose.

pork ribs

Deep Fried Pork Rib with Pepper and Salt ($9.50)

On the fatty side, just the kind of dish you'd have with noodles. Not that great.

red bean pancake

Panfried red bean pancake

Thought this greasy number was lacklustre with an oily aftertaste and pasty dough pastry.


Nobody knew the antics that were going on before getting the dessert..not that the server made particular announcement for it.

soak in ice water


sticky banana

Banana Fritters

These were soaked in ice water for the sugar shell to harden before being shoddily dripped onto the plate. Crack the delish sugar shell to unveil bland soggy banana, not quite the ideal "must try" dessert but the theatrics involved were more exciting than the dessert itself.

Mediocrity is what this particular outlet stands for as compared to the outstanding steamboat arm! There are better alternatives around.

Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao 
Marina Square

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