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Ice Cold Beer @ Emerald Hill

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Emerald Hill and I have quite a few connections...or simply put, the place is somewhat close to heart.

Emily on Emerald Hill is one of the first few plays I ever read and fell so in love with. Even at eight years old, I thought it was one that I would want to watch on stage someday...and I did! A soliloquy so well written by Stella Kon...the first introduction to peranakan culture and food was done then!

Emerald Hill...the alma mater was once there, though I never quite had the chance to study on premise when it was still there, hearing it brought tinkles to the skin.

Strange connection but that's how Emerald Hill and I were acquainted.

So yes, me and my tale of Emerald Hill. Now, it's littered with watering holes and lovely bars. Off to Ice Cold Beer for bar food and drinks on separate occasions and if I may add, I sprained my ankle for the first time along Emerald Hill too!

Talk about life's bet, I will not forget Emerald Hill...for all the reasons. :)

ice cold beer

Beer at ICB, it's almost wrong to head there without a beer in hand.

pipsqueak cider

Decided to go with cider instead! The moniker certainly stole the thunder and had to be my choice. Zesty and refreshing...cider is acidic. Still prefer this to beer anytime.

one of those sweet cocktails

None too great a cocktail called Sex on the Beach.Hardly do I get surprised with bar cocktails..the hotels do them better.


Tabasco with bar food tastes exceptionally better.



Really just topshell off the can with tangy sauce. I've always been a fan of topshell so this went down well with me.


Mini Beef Burgers

Beef patty was too loose, lacked the bite. The bottom sesame buns were already soaked through with juices before I could start consuming them. Not the best eaten, even at such minature sizes I did not fully enjoy them..can't imagine if they were the full works.

Salted thick cut fries were the only things that made the cut, sans the pun!


QB Pizza

Thin biscuit crust pizzas with tasty toppings, methinks they fare better with pizza than burgers.

Bar food has hardly wowed but it was above average.Still, I'm adoring Emerald Hill.

Ice Cold Beer
Emerald Hill

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