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Group Therapy Cafe Revisited @ Duxton Hill

Group Therapy's always been on the mind ever since the last two visits - surreptiously addictive I deem. It is heartening to bring friends there and we all leave happy and satisfied. Once again, with a bunch of newbies...I hoped to repeat the hat trick. Was happy to know there were new additions on the menu and previously out of stock items were back on the menu!


Storing cutlery like this - nice!

side wall

Still charmed by the simplicity of the design.


Fruit Juice

Forgot what exactly but it was freshly squeezed.


Beef Shank Stew ($15)
carrots, potatoes, served with a side of crust toast

I'm no fan of braised meat - meat without bite irks me a great deal. I was apprehensive about beef shank having tendon but this was braised really nicely.

beef skank stew

Flavourful beefy chunks soaking in a broth so tasty and wholesome. It is a no wonder this was sold out the couple of visits before. Crust toast made this more hearty.

burger sliders

Mini Burger Sliders ($18)

Made of two portions of larger than usual sliders, these are great to hold to munch. Yet, that was all to it. Not too huge a fan of its crumbly texture and lack of beefyness to it - actually thought this was pork than beef. Once again, cous cous confuses me. Not being familiar nor a huge fan of cous cous has resulted in my lack of appreciation of their compulsory side.


Grilled smoked ham, mushrooms and mozarella cheese panini ($14)

The companions were actually all eager to take on my highly raved about Poached Egg on Toast but a pity that they ran out of smoked salmon, hence most of the table swopped their choices for paninis.

ham and egg pie

Chicken Ham and Egg Pie ($11)

carrot cake

4 Layer Carrot Cake ($8.50)

I cannot believe we nearly cleaned out their supply of carrot cake for the day - 3 servings, one after another. Facebook says GT ran out of carrot cake for the weekend - OOPS! I converted the rest to deem this - scrumptiously addictive. Whether it is the incredibly moist carrot cake or irresistible white chocolate cream cheese frosting - we all threw whatever diet plans out of the window. Only for you, Group Therapy.


Homemade Belgian-style Waffles ($11.50) 
vanilla icecream, caramel sauce, chopped walnuts, fruits
It's not waffle from Belgium but, I'm hoping onto the bandwagon of like! Every bite is crispy and fragrant, paired with icecream and sticky maple syrup...did I say I am already completely sold?

apple crumble

Granny Smith Apple Crumble ($10.50)
Packed layers of tart, fresh, crisp Granny Smith apples tucked in cinnamon apple sauce and loaded with crunchy granola crumbs.

apple crumble apples!

Trans fat free, for whatever it means...I actually loved it. From the crunchy crumble to the tart which could do with a bit more bite but the apple chunks were enough to redeem this completely. An apple a day keeps the doctor away? I say, I had enough apples for the week.

orange poppy cake

Orange Poppy Seed Pullman Slice ($4.50)

Deemed interesting by the owners themselves, I thought the poppy seeds were a tad overload - every bite had poppy seed, crunchy bits which I did not entirely fancy. Liked the lemon curd though in this dense cake.

There is something still so alluring about Group Therapy...therapeutic infact. It is great that the ladies behind GT are still so passionate about their work. Whether it is unwinding after a week's of work or stealing time over lunch away from the office, GT is the answer. I left happy and recharged - ready to take on the world. Be sure, I will be back!

Once charmed, twice allured, thrice bewitched.

Group Therapy Cafe
Duxton Road

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Nooo.... I haven't got down to try their carrot cake and now comes the apple crumble... Think I'll just load up on sweets at Group Therapy Cafe!

    Your sliders look burnt leh hehe.

  2. hahaha yes please! go visit soon..the ladies are so friendly. :) ehhh ok luh, they tasted ok. heex.