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Different Taste Café & Restaurant @ Frankel Ave

Along the stretch of bars along Frankel Avenue lies this eatery, Taste Matters. They serve regular tze char fare.


Seafood Soup

Laden with so much MSG, I could really give this a miss.


Penang Kuay Teow

Surprise, surprise! Enough wok hei and spice to pull off a really decent penang kuay teow. Oodles of flavourful noodles and fresh seafood to complete the works.


Honeyed Pork Ribs

One can hardly go wrong with this, honeyed well charred tender pork ribs. Lip smacking good!

Families flock to this tzechar place for a more comfy alternative to roadside eateries.

Different Taste Cafe and Restaurant
11 Frankel Ave

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