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Axis Bar Revisited @ Mandarin Oriental

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Axis Bar is another of the favourite places to hangout...maybe it's the soothing jazz tunes that the musicians play with one on the cello, another on the keyboard accompanying the singer.


Cushy lounge.


The night view that was robbed of.


Nori-wrapped snacks and olives to go with the drinks.


They thoughtfully got me a dish of chips after I requested for them. They used to serve really good wasabi chips and beef rendang!


Icecream drinks that was different from the usual. We made a go for the Iced Apple.  I thought it was an alright version of a milkshake but just lacked a certain oomph in it.

I have to give Axis bar top marks for service. It wasn't even a case of rejection but the alcoholic did not fancy the drink and left it mostly untouched so the thoughtful waitress came by and offered to change the proportions of drink or even a replacement. Best and most surprisingly of all, she kindly waived it.

Two thumbs and ten toes up for such service! What annoys me most in pubs is the drinks are usually concocted by throwing in odd proportions which is why vodka orange or cranberry or ribena never ever tastes consistent. That being said, Axis Bar wowed me here.


Pina Colada with a pretty starfruit balancing on top.



It's usually Morton's or none for me after trying and testing with martinis across the various watering holes. Pleasant drink but Morton's still reigns tops for a mighty one.

Jazzy tunes made the night roll by rather quickly...or maybe the comfy sofas did. I would return for the service..and that's a first!

Axis Bar
Mandarin Oriental

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