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83 @ Club Street

Many thanks to Natasha and Wesley for the invite!

It is no secret how much I love my drinks and music and Ann Siang Hill. Enter 83,  a new brainchild by the folks who brought us L'Entrecote and Sablio - Both I have laid my footprints on, whether invited or not. 83 seems to take on a social enterprise stand with its new offering - being home for budding artists who will showcase their works of art every 6 weeks.


Plus, there will be a deejay spinning every Wednesday to Saturday; art and music, sounds like a recipe for an awesome night out. 83 deejays were specially selected from the underground music community, ensuring a different vibe with each visit. On the night I was there, it was Kaye from the local music collective Cosa Nostra...lovely!


83 hits you straight in the face with a name so easy to recall - the address of the place. Next to L'Angelus, this strikes as a more boisterous and happening.

early birds

The decor is whimsical, almost taken straight off the pages of Alice in Wonderland, particularly the clock whose hands kept moving backwards. Chairs that sunk in so deep that would block off noise partially or random scattering of low chairs and tables to find some harmony in this mismatch.


More of the art pieces.

Love the lights, artwork and...the ambience.


Drinks and food galore, I was told by the PR folks 83 would be showcasing some of the items on the menu that night. Having been quite a regular at events, usually the drinks would triumph the bites for some strange reason. Or rather, miniaturized food somehow taste better in bigger portions.

salmon avocado mousse

I was expecting smoked salmon hence this came across as rather bland.

cold cuts

Mixed French Cuts

Adored the super crunchy biscuit stick and luxurious range of hams - proscuitto, salami and iberico.

duck riclette toast

I have my reservations about this tasting like duck and tuna but whatever it was, tasted really good!
mackerel toast

Marinated Herrings on toast with potato, onion and cucumber sauce

While I loved the idea of eating bite-sized toast, balancing them without half the ingredients falling out is rocket science. In my drunken stupor, twice I dropped the toppings even before the toast made it to the mouth. Nonetheless, thought this was a tad fishy but otherwise appetizing with the sour twist.


Tempura platter
Soft shell crab, prawns, tiger prawns, barramundi, calamari with two dipping sauces
Done so perfectly, the crispy light batter was executed so fine! Not all Japanese restaurants master this well and 83 nailed it. Dipping sauces lacked a punch though all in this was one of the favourites for the night.

escargot balls

Drunken Snail CroquettesCrusty deepfried balls of escargots, would have been better with a dip or somesort.

prawn mango skewers

Grilled Tiger Prawn Skewers served with Mango Salsa
Think uber fresh and succulent prawns grilled on a skewer with a sour mango cube to balance the flavours. Delish!

mint sauce meatballs



Tomato sauce, Mint Sauce

Of the two, mint sauce was more outstanding with a creamier texture and cheezy aftertaste. What I did not fancy however was the meatballs lacking in bite. There were supposedly three dips but I only made it to two.

pineapple skewers

Brochette of fresh Pineapple marinated in Cinnamon

I never thought both could complement so well - loved it!

mango icecream

Iced Strawberry Souffle with a fresh Strawberry Coulis
Surprise, surprise! What I thought was a creamy delight infused with mango was entirely strawberry.

76% Ecuador Chocolate Mousse was also making its rounds but I thought it rather ordinary.
Moving onto the drinks, I had a fieldday with glasses of champagne, house whites and reds and rum gunner - a fruity concoction meant to please the ladies, laced with almond.


Looking at them glasses makes me uber happy - they were completely served out before half the night was over!

rum gunner x house white

It was a swell night at 83, everyone got into the groove with the music, had a tummy filled time with such great tasting tapas - infact one of the better events with memorable food. Plans to be back for sure!


Delamotte champagne - gulp! Champagne makes the night extra effervescent.


The bulgeoning crowd that made it almost impossible to even groove to the music - but crowds and happy hour do go hand in hand.

Daily happy hours start at 3-8pm with $8 specials.

83 on Club Street

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  1. Why so many angmohs & Pinoys @83?

  2. Could be the clientele that the PR folks invited. Not too sure but Ann Siang Hill is largely patronized by foreigners anyway. :)