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Wedding Dinner @ Marriott Hotel

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Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more than your love

- George Benson, Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You.

I walked away from the 2nd wedding of 2011 with the song lingering in my head. The groom decided to make a music video and do a live performance for his wife and I was touched, almost to tears. Congrats to D and E...finally completing this chapter called "Wedding" after 11 long years. They are one of the few couples that make me believe in love...


Nuts to keep the jaws busy before the doors are swung open.


Going to a wedding at Marriott is a first for me and surprise surprise, they served tapas during cocktails - breaded prawns and stuffed mushrooms.


The usual chinese tea, white or red...or fizzy drinks.

wedding favours

Wedding favours...! I've amassed quite a collection of them.


I've always had a penchant for powdery coloured roses.

hand carved design

Combination Deluxe Appetizer

The carved bride out of what looked like a carrot at first glance was something else in all of its powdery pink.

cold platter combi

Roasted Pork Belly was crunchy and meaty at the right places but it just did not wow.
Smoked Duck Meat- A tad salty.
Spicy Jellyfish - Nothing much to complain.
Prawn Salad - Prawns were too crystallised in taste, artificially enhanced for sure!
Japanese Unagi - Interesting to find eel on the menu.

prawns and scallops w broccoli

Stirfried Prawns and Scallops with Brocolli with Spicy Sauce
A well marinated one with fresh prawns, scallops and brocolli. Yes, seconds of this delicious start!

sharks fin soup

Braised Shark's Fin with Crabmeat

Nothing too extraordinary.

huge slab of it

Steamed Sea Perch Fillet with Shredded Yunnan Ham, Mushrooms, Mandarin Peel and Ginger

Instead of the usual Garoupa or Soon Hock, we had Perch! Loved the idea of having perch instead...fewer bones and so very yummy.

sea perch

Arriving in such jaw-dropping grandeur - the sheer size of the fillet.I've known perch to be the cheaper cousin of cod and it's been triumphing cod in more ways than one for all attempts. Unctous-tasting succulent flesh with the simplest of soya sauce and ginger accompaniment...more, more!

pork ribs and meatballs

Deepfried Crab Roll accompanied by Deepfried Spare Ribs and Marmite Sauce

What I thought were meatballs were actually crab rolls were a tad overprocessed and the pork rib cuts were mostly bones.

mushrooms and seasonal greens

Braised sliced Abalone and Mushrooms with Chinese Spinach

I hardly complain about my greens and abalone, unless they are an absolute disaster.

crispy chicken

Wan Hao Signature Crispy Roast Chicken

Crispy skin meats tender chicken with a dab of seasalt.

wanhao's signature

Wokfried Rice Diced Chinese Sausage, Chicken, Mushrooms and Minced Dried Shrimps served in Lotus Leaf

The rice package that came was huge, too huge to end off the meal. I honestly do not get why banquets usually leave the carbs to the last where the appetite is least ferocious. Should it not be amongst the first few to fill the tums quickly?

bowl of lotusleaf fried rice

Anyhow, I was and still am unimpressed with Wanhao's offerings - dimsum and alacarte and now to add to the cap, wedding food as well.

Bland and dry rice grains lacking in fragrance as well as flavour. Not the most uninspiring but with such triumph cards like lotus leaf and preserved meats, I was expecting more.

platter of cakes

Love is Sweet

A first of its kind - cakes to end off the meal instead of red bean soup with lily bulbs or peanut glutinous rice balls or mango sago.

Totally loving this! I wish for the future weddings to have a dessert platter of somesort! To most, the main entrees are the emphasis but for me, I usually scroll to dessert at the beginning of the meal.

Truth be told, I was once disappointed with their Deli cakes. Takeaway was frowned upon and dining in was mediocre.

strawberry cheese

Strawberry Cheesecake

Moist cheesecake meant only for diehards, the richness of the cheesecake paired with sweet strawberries made this really delish. Good things do come in small packages.

I could not resist taking a jab of the other's cakes as well.

green tea

Green Tea Cake

Green tea chocolate on top layers of cheesecake and green tea mousse. What was brilliant about it, the layers although many were not soaked through with the mousse.

chocolate fudge

Chocolate Mousse

Did not attempt but it was wiped clean.

Surprising display by Marriott despite the misses.

Marriott Hotel

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. For a while, I thought the dessert platter was for per pax! lol. If only!

    "Wedding favours... I've amassed quite a collection of them". So when will it be your turn? (:(:

  2. @ice: haaa...if only! i wonder if there'll be a wedding that I attend that has a dessert buffet. heex.

    HAH! FAR FAR FAR FAR from it, gotta find mr right first.

  3. My son held his wedding dinner at this hotel a few days back. The food served during the wedding night was different from the food served during the food-tasting session held two weeks prior to the wedding. There were many complaints from close friends and relatives. 1) Firstly, the pork ribs served were small odd pieces of pork, nothing resembling pork ribs. 2) The abalone slices were bitter and tasted as if they were made from flour. During the food-tasting session, we spoke to the Chef in charge and he personally agreed to replace the abalone slices with small whole abalones which he did not do. 3) To make the situation worse, the fried beehoon served was yucky and tasted far from the yummy beehoon served to us during food-tasting. It was sticky and looked so unpalatable as if soaked beehoon were simply stirred in some starchy liquid. Reason given was frying one plate of beehoon is different from frying many plates. I just wonder how is it I have never tasted such badly fried beehoon or noodles at other large scale wedding dinners. I feel that I have short-changed my guests who took time off to attend the dinner and nothing can compensate the bitter taste that the dining experience had left in their mouths. As the hotel’s customer, I feel short-changed and deceived. Could it be that the hotel management’s perception that wedding dinners being a once only affair in a customer’s lifetime (with no likely chance of return business from the same customer) has driven this particular behavior of their staff? No matter what it is, I had to call all my close friends and relatives to apologize. As for publicity, the food churned out by their kitchen speaks volumes that night.

  4. @anon: Sorry to hear about your less than desired experience. It is tragic that the hotel industry is such in singapore, choosing to use only the lower grade chefs for big events like fact it's no secret that most (if not all) hotels practice this, which is why some opt for restaurants that have more consistency. As you have also pointed out, who will get married twice in the same hotel or even get married twice? On a sidenote, congratulations on your family's happy occasion!

  5. Thank you and thanks again for consoling me and my husband. We felt so bad because guests were like asking each other across the tables whether they ate the fried beehoon. More frank relatives and friends of the couple also gave us feedback immediately after the dinner that same night. We felt so deceived and questioned the purpose of the food-tasting session held approximately 3 weeks before the actual day. I searched online for a feedback channel to the hotel management but there is neither an email address nor a customer service site through which I can recount my experience. If more disappointed customers share their experiences, these hotels will be more careful when short-changing their young clientele who had to use their wedding dinner services because Singaporeans haven't got out of the "sit-down Chinese-Dinner syndrome".

  6. :) I'm sure your experience with Marriott isn't one off. Your true account only serves as a reminder to me when I get to plan my wedding, I will try to avoid this "sit down chinese dinner" practice altogether.