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Warehouse Bistro @ Clarke Quay

warehouse bistro

Warehouse Bistro is one of the more affordable and casual dining places under the Esmirada Group. Facing Singapore River, watching the sun set is quite a therapeutic experience.

warehouse bistro menu

Nice contrast of colours.


Blue Lagoon

Looked like a mocktail and was certainly so!



Heatlounge serves up one of the kickass renditions of the Brazilian national cocktail, nowhere comes near. Warehouse Bistro's version was a softdrink version - bad, bad, bad.

french bread

Complimentary basket of bread that can be skipped completely. Too hard!


Half Dozen Snails ($16)

Snails too soft, garlic was barely discernible..not the best of this french delicacy attempted. That being said, it came with a side of nicely crusted and toasted tasty baguette!

crispy seabass

Crispy Seared Sea Bass Fillet ($26)
Spinach risotto, sauteed cherry tomato, citrus jus

Nothing was wrong about this dish.

Crispy skin meets slightly fishy fillet.
Creamy risotto but that was it.

Something was clearly missing, though I am not sure what.

mustard crusted lamb loin steak

Mustard Crusted Pork Loin Steak ($26)
Capsicum-tomato compote with bacon, garlic confit and roasted potato

I had greater expectations for this pompous sounding dish. Mustard crusted anything made me think of a biting experience - at least one with a wasabi-equivalent nosefreeze effect. Barely there, in fact. Barely a bite...if I may be harsh.

lamb bite

Overcooked pork loin with a nice pink but was on the tough side, especially with such a thick cut of pork.I honestly struggled to polish this off. Dish was on the bland side as well, thankfully ketchup and chilli sauce to the rescue!

Service was slow especially when the restaurant was clearly understaffed. Just one visible staff tending to drink and dinner orders. No intention to be back but I won't strike it as a bad place. Just one of those places that sits nicely on the border of "average".

Warehouse Bistro
Clarke Quay

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