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Tanah Lot and more!

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Before I headed to Bali, friends who have left their footprints there insisted I checked out their sunsets - daily if I could. Tanah Lot was highly recommended as part of the itinerary over Uluwatu largely because of the itinerary for the day.

old school fan

Enroute to Tanah Lot, there was a pasar malam equivalent of a bazaar going on...and here's a grilled corn hawker! Cool eh? One thing irked me was the condition of the fan blowing at the corn. You either get the ready made ones or get one grilled on the spot.


Fresh corn for choosing.
watch it pop

Watch it sizzle on the grill with the dirt-clogged fan blowing away.
spread of sweet

Sweet, salty or spicy....I opted for half sweet and half spicy.
grilled corn

Well grilled with the charred edges. Somehow, it did not taste that great. Methinks a cup of buttered corn from our local pasar malam would have been much better.
before sunset

So here's Tanah Lot! At 4pm, 2 over hours shy of the sunset people have started filling up and taking their spots to capture the sunset.
tanah lot

More of the beach revellers.
roadside hawker

On the way up to find our perfect spot, my sweet guide dropped us a surprise! Someone hawking Indonesian snacks.
banana leaf

Wrapped up in banana leaf.
ondeh ondeh

The equivalent of our ondeh ondeh!
one bite

With a much thicker and denser skin, loved it!
sunset at tanah lot 2

I waited 2 hours for this - immensely gorgeous. I probably have never snapped so many shots of the sunset before...though sunsets happen everyday, I miss it in amidst all the activity that's going on. Time to take things slow and appreciate these little things.

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  1. Those grilled sweetcorns & ondeh ondeh thingy looks yummy! No write-up for this post?

  2. whooops. filled the details in! :)