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Talent Cafe @ Tras Street


The charm of Tras Street or Tanjong Pagar in general...that I love so so so so much.

talent cafe

Against white washed walls, this stands out.


I chanced upon Talent Cafe and thought it was a cosy place for lunch. Of late, checking out such cosy small outfits are high on the agenda - perfect for stealing away pockets of time and unwinding over lunch!


White-washing continues!


Counter desserts.

textured chairs

Adore these textured chairs!

talent cafe

Laminated menus.


I'm ready for a talented meal.

chilli con carne

Chilli Con Carne ($16.90)
Tomato-based stew of minced beef, kidney beans, corn, peppers, leek, chilli powder and a special house ingredient of pineapple. Served with toast.

Two lightly toasted bread was served with a generous portion of stew. Loved the bite of the bread. Imagine this - a bite of bread with a sip of soup. As simple as it was...I was belly satisfied. Loved the hearty stew though I would have preferred beef chunks to minced beef.

chicken crumble

Chicken Crumble ($17.90)
Pan-fried chicken breast breaded with spice crumbs served with potato and green mash with mushroom sauce on the side

A different kind of breaded chicken breast attempted, the spice crumbs made this homemade to taste. Healthier takes on the usual potato mayo salad with greens embedded...delicious mushroom sauce too!

triple choc

Complimentary Triple Chocolate Icecream

The chef was trying out a new recipe for a potential "new" addition...lacked the decadence that triple chocolate would have otherwise heralded, simply chocolate icecream with chocolate chips.

Good food in a cosy setting coupled with warm service, lacks a distinct flavour though.

Talent Cafe
34, 36 Tras Street

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Passed by Talent Cafe and it looked like a place of residence from the outside no? Haha :)I like ur ice cream shot btw!

  2. @missuschewy: now that you mentioned...yes it does resemble a residence!! :P haa, thanks! good lighting.