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Table66 @ Tras Street


After Table66 snuffed us the last round, the second attempt was slightly better without cancellations. Tras Street is quite an unexplored street within Tanjong Pagar...there are a couple of cafes and korean food joints around but it's mostly known for the bridal shops...I spy Ted Wu in the same lane!

table66 interior 2

A rather small outfit with a private room available for booking as well.

table66 interior1

A lonesome corner.

fiji water

Open and risk paying for it.

table66 setting

Spic and span layout.

onion loaves

Smell them first!

onion bread

Complimentary onion loaves that smelt heavenly. Served so hot, my fingers were almost scalded. Somehow these smelt alot better than it tasted.

fruit salad

Seasonal Fruits Salad
seasonal fruits, mesclun salad, mint leaves, balsamic vinaigrette

I hardly go for salads yet this was an exception - a gamble that paid off. The drizzle was more than balsamic had a twist of fermented tofu as well which gave this a creamier zesty finish. Sweet fruits to make this oh-so-appetizing!

seafood chowder

Soup of the Day
Cream of cauliflower, smoked salmon

First time trying out cauliflower soup, mild tasting one with fishy smoked salmon slices. Not too huge a fan of this.

seafood pasta

Seafood Pasta
wheat pasta, assorted fresh seafood, spicy lemongrass and coconut cream, vietnamese mint oil

Comes with a mountain of pasta balanced with tomato sauce, a single shrimp, seared salmon and tons of squid. The gravy was reminiscent of laksa gravy, giving it an asian twist. While it was flavourful and tasty, I would consider this more than decent at best.

catch of the day

Fish of the day

Amazing control of the chef for not overcooking the thin slice of fish. Freshness is key though I wish the skin could be crispier instead of soggy served. Delicious one here.

cheese mousse

Mango Mousse Cake
wild berry compote,fruits salsa

Light tangy mango mousse meets chocolate sponge and topped with crispy cookie. Liked how the lightness ended the meal quite well.

jap spongecake with rasp icecream

Dessert of the day
Japanese sponge cake stuffed with red beans topped with cheese and berry icecream

One deconstructed red bean cheesecake. Think a light sponge cake halved, spread with red bean jam and completed with a dollop of cream cheese. As separate as they look I actually liked how it came together. Nice!




Or coffee for a nice finish.

Food was more than decent at Table66, infact I enjoyed lunch. One thing though, service needs heaps of improvement. When refills of bread was asked, we were met with a sullen face. Similarly, the bread basket was quick to clear - hopefully you would not request for yet another refill. Even when the bill was requested, the same sullen face greeted you. Blotchy service meets decent food.

3 course at $32++

Tras Street

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Their sous vide pork belly is AMAZ...GING!! haha the "smelly" onion loaf. I like Table 66!

    You're literally eating Tanjong Pagar up!

  2. Walked the street to work everyday and never stepped into Table 66, only the Khoko Nara opposite. lolx. Looking good!

  3. hahaha really! :) i tried to eat up tanjong pagar..but to no avail. :(

  4. @ daniel: shd try walking pass it for a couple of years, then you'd drop by for a meal! haha..

  5. It's a pity that the service wasn't good. The price and food look decent!

  6. @lifestartsonfriday: haha, these days it's hard to find places with good food and good service to match without having to pay for it! :)