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The Screening Room @ Ann Siang Hill

The Screening Room was one of the first few places I knew existed in Ann Siang Hill alongside The Patissier. Known as the place to rekindle and rehash the lovely cinematographic memories, they offer movie themed dinners together with movies to the tune of $68++, otherwise movie tickets are $20 each. Quite a far deal I must add though there is always another option of renting a movie with a truckload of junkfood from the nearest supermart and one can head home to unwind.

table layout

The company organized a cosy dinner one evening as a project round up and I was quite keen to know what was in store for the evening, hoping silently there would be a movie treat.

Middle Eastern seemed to be the theme for the day with appetizers up for grabs.

appetizer 2

Naan with a smatter of sauces (yogurt cheese, hummus, tomato)

Unevenly charred naan that I still hungrily chomped down. Loved hummus best for the creamy tasty finish. Following next was the tomato dip, loved the savoury flavours.


Chicken Tikka

Delish chicken chunks, arguably one of the more memorable.


Grilled Tomato Caviar on Bruschetta

With an awesome headstart like 'caviar', I thought I was in for a treat. It was all but a spiced tomato salad on crunchy toast. Yet inspite of its simplicity, it was a hot favourite. Easy to eat and definitely the most delicious of the spread.

more soup

Lentil Soup

Spicy acquired soup, period.

Fish Tikka

Thankfully fresh but bland.


I forgot what this was but it probably didn't taste too good either.


Vegetable Ratatouille

Simply grilled vegetables.

White Lentil Salad
Basmati Rice

Both barely caused an impression.

dessert 1

Profiteroles with Coffee Cream

My favouritest of the lot, next to hummus and bruschetta. Loved the spontaneously squirt of cream that bursts out of its choux pastry upon cramming the pop into my mouth.

Spiced Fruit Salad

I choked upon swallowing the first morsel. There was an odd pungent taste about this though it honestly smelt and looked like guava powder. The way it reacted with guava, apple and banana was odd beyond comprehension.

Brownie with White Chocolate Chunks

Methinks it tastes just like Betty Crocker with Nestle White chocolate chips.

dessert 2

Creme Brulee

A spoon was too much to bear. Torched layer there was but the layer beneath was a cross between custard and paste.

Unimpressive display by The Screening Room. It could have been the choice of menu but when you leave the dinner remembering only toast and cream puffs, it has to say something. Not too compelled to return even after a visit up to the bar on the 4th floor. It would take more than a timeless classic like Breakfast at Tiffany to even nudge a return.

The Screening Room
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