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Putri Bali Spa @ Ubud

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roadside spa

Going Bali without experiencing their spa is cardinal sin. Finding a spa place is easy, deciding on which one is a toughie. Ubud is an area within Bali that is so peppered with spa outlets, you are seriously spoilt for choice! At a fraction of the prices in Singapore, I wish I had enough time for a pampering session everyday!

putribali spa

Off to Putribali Spa after getting tempted by the brochure and the supposed "Free Pickup".Yes, pickup...not drop off. We ended up paying to get ourselves out of the area!

spa room

Cushy surroundings though uncomparable to the luxurious ones we have locally, the skill of the masseuses was really good! A full 1.5 hour of soothing strokes, I was sent to slumberland!

ginger + tea

Ginger tea for a post-massage treat!

biscuits at spa

How about some cookies too?

Overall the experience was pleasant. I do not expect the same kind of luxurious surroundings like Adeva Spa in Paragon that I frequent but for the price paid, it was really too good to be true.

At IDR 80,000 approx SGD11, I had 1.5 hours of bliss..Beat that! For what I'm paying locally, I can have the masseuse to myself for at least 8 hours straight.

Putri Bali

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