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Majestic Restaurant @ Majestic Hotel

majestic hotel

New Majestic Hotel is located at Bukit Pasoh Road, another of those lanes that I have a soft spot for; whether or not it's chancing upon hidden gems or trying to reconnect with the historical past I never had. Right smack next to Andre, I remember walking past it when I tried Andre and wanting to try Majestic Restaurant after hearing friends rave about it. A gf even had her ROM there!

Obviously mismatched but there seems to be some harmony with all the odd ends.

Amongst the first few things that caught my eye when I sat down was the gorgeous chandelier. The lighted spheres belong to a pool of somesort on the second floor.
hang the man!

A super duper arty corner - somewhat creepy but I'm loving the concept totally.
cosy corner

Dig cosy corners like these.
table setting

Like the neutral colours used.
lil birdie

Saw a really cute table ornament.
wasabi chips

Wasabi chips as a appetizer, a different take from nuts and pickles.
roast pork

Roast Pork ($12)

1) No trace of gameyness. Hooray!
2) Though the portion of fats to meat was clearly imbalanced, it came together so well!
3) Crispy skin remained crunchy throughout.


One grouse though, they probably mixed in vinaigrette into the mustard giving a sour aftertaste, a twist to the other punchy mustard.
har gao

Majestic Fresh Steamed Prawn Dumpling ($4.50 for 3)

The paper thin skin tore within moments of lifting it from the bamboo basket, barely making it to the plate. The filling was a tight fisted ball of prawns.

Steamed Siewmai with Fish Roe ($4.50 for 3)

Slightly better than harkow but this mediocrity continued with siewmai.
glutinous rice

Steamed Glutinous Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf ($3.60 for 2)

Soft fluffy glutinous rice grains with the usual suspects of chicken, salted egg and mushroom.


Steamed Barbeque Pork Buns ($3 for 2)

charsiew pau peeled

Dimsum is never complete without char siew pau. Found the pau layer too soft, mere lifting would cause the pau to fall apart. Nonetheless, loved the savoury charsiew bits.
char siew sou

Baked Flaky Honey Pork Puff ($4.50 for 3)

This took quite awhile to arrive yet when it did, the wait was well worth the while. The intricacy of layers of pastry were mind boggling - so fine! Adored the golden layer that shimmered under the light, buttery and flavourful. It's one of those char siew sous that I would remember for the longest time.

Found the first love of the meal!

deepfried beancurd roll

Deepfried Beancurd Rolls with Prawns ($4.50 for 3)

No trace of oiliness despite the crispiness. Well fried item, yumm!

egg yolk custard pau

Never in the world would I miss my take on Steamed Custard Buns ($6 for 3).

watch it flow

Like poached eggs, I have a fetish for watching the fillings spill over like lava. Like a cracked egg, the salted egg custard flowed so freely. The bun could do with a bit more bite but otherwise, the grainy filling was finger and fork licking good.

wokfried mee sua

I stubbornly chose this over Stewed Mee Sua (an apparently hotter favourite). Tasted like beehoon, only softer.
crispy durian

Crispy Durian Icecream ($10)
crispy durian sliced

There were two durian options on the dessert menu and both are apparently top sellers. Think of fried icecream for this - crispy batter meets mao shan wang icecream. Yes it stinks. The durian lovers lapped it up heartily, I thought it was an interesting way to present the pungent one.
avocado cream

Avocado Cream with Icecream in Young Coconut ($12)

I opted for the coffee icecream to be replaced with vanilla. Loved the blanket of velvety smooth avocado cream and vanilla ice. Delish!

Overall dimsum was delightful though I have to say for the first time, I do think the fried items fared better than the steamed. As much as I should have their signatures like Boston lobster noodles and wasabi prawns, I enjoyed lunch for a first attempt though not raring to return for dimsum.

Majestic Restaurant
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