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Ink Bar @ Fairmont Singapore

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Headed to Ink Bar at Fairmont out of convenience one weekend...not that it would have been my top choice given City Space just 73 storeys above and Long Bar at Raffles which was equally enticing.There's the option of both counter seats as well as cushion seats...adore their tall chairs!

Both were Ink Bar signatures and logically speaking it would make or break the decision to continue patronizing the bar. I should think Ink Bar has seen the last of me for their much as I loved the peanut platter they had.

new york sour

New York Sour ($18)*

Oddly sour as well, the level of sourness for both drinks were too sharp for any pleasantries. A major disappointment for such a prettyful drink!

white gown

White Gown ($18)*

White Gown got me interested because of egg white used...which by usual standards would have left me squeamish but I felt daring that day. How bad can egg white taste...right! This was just odd. The acidic sour hit me after the potent bitterness ebbed.


"No"-gomi ($18)
Tangueray Ten Gin, Lillet Blanc, Aperol

Supposedly a more "approachable version of the classic Negroni", I thought it was too sharp for comfort. Bitterness with every sip but enough for a perfect brainfreeze thereafter.


Aviation ($18)
Lavender enhanced Hendrick's Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Creme De Violette and Lemon Juice

Presented like a lady's drink with a cherry at the bottom but it was way too strong for more than a sip. On the sour side.


I could enjoy the jazzy music and cushy surroundings with neverending refills of nuts more so than the drinks. That being said, I have to admit the liquer content in their drinks are the highest to date..enough to leave you wuzzy in the mind and walk out slightly tipsy.

Ink Bar
Fairmont Singapore

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