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Group Therapy Cafe @ Duxton Hill

group therapy upstairs

I chanced upon Group Therapy Cafe one evening on my way to Etna.

kooky entrance

Located on the second floor, it is quite a trail of its own.


Opening the door, you get greeted by a bunch of smiley ladies and lad. Cosy mismatched furniture with odd corners created for customers seemed to be the way to go. Find a seat by the counter or away from the rest of the cafe - facing the wall alone fulfills 闭门思过 (facing the wall to repent!) really well. 

second living room

Two parts to the cafe.

group therapy

Adoring the layout, totally.


Amidst the mismatched furniture and ornaments, it did look quite good!

love the clock

Like the clock!


Tattered double page menu gets placed infront of you. Choices are limited.Holler your order is their way of communication, I actually liked the two way communication. Rules out of the window!

Melody Chen strides in, if there's any star had to be it for the lazy afternoon. 

delayed brunch

Brunch alert!


Homemade bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, onions ($8)

There is a choice of plain or wholemeal bagel. This arrived in a saucer and looking most forlorn on the plate, without salad or chips or anything that made it look like a wholesome item. This is the other kind of bagel attempted - just like bread. Fluffy bread bagel with fishy smoked salmon. Not quite a fan of this. 


Panini ($14)
Grilled smoked ham, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese

Comes with a side of cous cous and chips fresh from the packet. The owner recommended this over Chicken Ham and Egg Pie with salad and chips, only to hear that it was sold out thereafter. Certainly a better choice than their bagels in terms of portions and heartiness. Loved the crunch sounds as the knife sliced through my toaste panini. Hamming up with a thick slice of ham (oops the pun!), cheese and mushrooms...I thought it was a really good sandwich. 


Not a fan of cous cous unfortunately. I actually thought mixing in apples and tomatoes was strange.

pecan pie2

Pecan Pie ($5)

Crunchy pecans meets buttery crust. Liked this!

pecan pie

Can't wait to return for this!

I like this place more than I like the food. Would be back for their Poached Eggs with Thick Toast, Cured Ham and Gruyere which the whole of the next table ordered. Dripping melted cheese is always a deal sealer. 

The second visit followed hot on the heels of the first. 


A repeat, still as delish.

egg toast

Poached Eggs with Thick Toast, Smoked Salmon and Gruyere ($13)

Thick crispy toast blanketed with hollandaise sauce, gruyere, smoked salmon and two lovely poached eggs.

food porn

I'm beginning to be a runny egg convert. I actually do not mind the perfect yellow and soft insides. Loved the sounds of the knife cutting through the toast and colours put together - beautiful and tasty mess. One of the few times I actually thought hollandaise was yummy.

ham and chicken pie

Chicken Ham and Egg Pie with salad and chips ($11)

A simple homemade pie filled with such an awesome buttery fragrance, it had me at hello. Loved the ham chunks and egg but lacked some moisture though.

4 layer goodness

4 Layer Carrot Cake ($8.50)

I get sold very easily on description, truth be told.  Highly recommended by one of the bosses with a cheeky grin - I feel bad saying no to carrot cake, one of my ultimate comfort foods. 

4 layer carrot cake

4 even layers of moist and fluffy light carrot cake with an incredible cream cheese frosting and immensely lovable flavours. So here it is, my favourite carrot cake after dense coffee bean's. I actually do like carrot cake light! 

berry tea

Blackcurrant tea



Boy, I am so loving Group Therapy Cafe!

Group Therapy Cafe
Duxton Hill (Above Etna)

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. wow this looked like a really nice place.

  2. Oh my the pecan pie looks more delicious than the carrot cake!

  3. @xinli: yes it is, please dropby! It's so your kinda place. hahaha..

    @ice: i say the carrot cake is better! im dead obsessed with group therapy. heex.

  4. the cream cheese layer on the carrot cake looks disturbingly yummeh!

  5. @yixiao: it is dreadfully yummy and addictive!