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Billy Bomber's @ The Cathay

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I always had a soft spot for Billy Bomber' could be the memorable birthday held there eons that would reduce me to a bucket of tears and to the most unglam states ever. I'll never forget the 1.2 kilo cake the pals got me...nor the effort they went through to make sure I was surprised. 

And then came one fine and dandy Sunday that I didn't have pancakes nor dimsum on my radar so we headed all american! The only other American association I have with their food is Kenny Roger's for roast chicken. Time to load up on their famous milkshakes! Oh, did not hurt that the super duper friendly manager whose happiness seem to be infectious...who ever embraces work on a weekend with such glee?


Delux Banana Milkshake ($7.90)

Billy's still does it best with their rich and indulgent shakes...complete with ripe banana chunks. This has got to be the Chunky Monkey of milkshakes.


Rootbeer Float anyone?


Cheese Fries ($8.90)

Thick cut fries doused in nacho cheese sauce...holy grail of all time! Best eaten hot and they really put the cinema folks to shame with their increasingly horrifying renditions of nacho cheese!


Billy Famous Ribs ($20.90)
Juicy pork ribs, special sauce, potato salad

I suppose I've had too many bad ribs to know that Billy Bomber's does mean ribs! Meaty and juicy well charred ribs...glaced with a sweet sauce done right. I probably sound like I'm gushing big time about their ribs but it was the case. Comfort food, at its simplest.

It was a lovely meal at Billy Bomber's, the kind you'd indulge once in a while without thinking too much about the guilt...the all american dining experience that appeals so every now and must be Adam Richman's fault!

Billy Bomber's
The Cathay

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