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Balinese knick knacks

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As mentioned a thousand times abroad has no boundaries...convenience stores notwithstanding. I usually try to suss them out early into the trip so I get to try as many of their local snacks as possible. Eat like a know?

Indomart and 7-11 were just a couple of places that I checked out to stock up on snacks though traditional provision shops are still around. Do note there are price variations across board, same goes for location of these shops. Matahari Department Store's supermart in Kuta is one affordable place to stock up on souvenirs least prices are the cheapest there! The equivalent of our NTUC Fairprice.


Bottled water that requires the bottle opener...! The novelty of it.

liang teh

The closest to Jia Jia Liang Teh...I usually try to suss out the herbal concoctions or anything that can soothe a sore throat should I over indulge (preventive measures in place!). This tasted like cheng tng.

balinese beer

Always head for local rally support!

bintang fizz

Fizzy one with too much foam, thought it was too gassy but really light. Not too bad a beer!

coffee soda

Could not resist Coffee Soda...whatever it meant. Lacked the fizz of a soft drink..not a fan of it.


Perfect comfort food with drinks! These egg-coated nuts lacked the bite.

kacang bali

Read and remember this brand of nuts please!!

yummy nuts

Unbelievably addictive, crunchy with a tight bite - as odd a description as it is! I made my way through three bags of these within a week. Enough conviction?


Casava like yam and potatoes belong to the same root vegetable family. I first discovered them in Batam years back and the Indonesian gf has been tempting us with bags of these during uni days..until NTUC decided to spread the love of them by bringing in Kusuka-brand.


Kusuka's have more bite though generally cassava chips are sweet based and not as oily as potato chips.


Qtong's that are crispier and lighter.

value plus cassava chips

Value Plus housebrand of Matahari Departmental Store won this dual of cassava chips - thick and crunchy like tapioca chips. Loved the bite of this most!


For a greasier alternative but way comes the Indonesiam keropok! Laced with a pleasant bitter aftertaste, these are so addictive.

happy tos

How about some Indonesian tortilla chips? Happy-tos rivals the US Giant Doritos with their version.


Thin cut tortilla chips lacking in bite and!


The equivalent of wafer rolls by Arnotts...super happy to find them since Phuket!

vanilla stikko

It could be the storage conditions of these though expiry dates were far off...not as crisp as I remember them to be.

choc stikko

Chocolate-filled wafer rolls...they would have kicked some serious ass if they were crispier.

KDS Popcorn

Prepacked popcorn that caught the eye.

pandan popcorn

Pandan flavoured fluffy popcorn, miles away from the freshly made ones but good enough.


There seems to be a wider variety of magnum found in Bali!

choc truffle!

Chocolate truffle and chocolate cappucino seemed to be the flavours of the moment.

choc truffle bitten

Rich valrhona chocolate used...mega yummy. Thankfully not an overload in chocolate, well worth the pimples-a-popping.

basket of salats

And them of course, there was fresh produce that we had! Salat or snake-skinned fruit as they are known as.


Priced in the region of IDR 15,000 per kilo, these acquired fruits are a personal favourite! Best eaten when the fruit is slightly soft in the center, lovely fruity fragrance or as the mom puts it..."flowery fragrance."

chunky love

The love affair with Silver Queen began quite awhile ago and tracking them down has been such an arduous affair.


Personal favourite of all time. Nobody does white chocolate like them, at least for the supermarket brands. Not too sweet white chocolate encrusted with buttery cashew nuts. I could just chomp on them bars throughout a movie! Has taken over Toblerone in my fridge.

dark cashew choc

The dark knight was slightly bitter in aftertaste but really rich one.

silver queen!
Chronic obsession...I can't wait to be back in Indonesia for these!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. I so want the Magnum Chocolate Truffle!!!

    hehe you very auntie leh.

  2. hahaha im SUPER auntie lor! undeniable about it.

  3. Try astor wafer. U can buy it at shop called belanja@lucky plaza. Its the best chocolate wafer roll ever !
    Silver queen for me is so old school, as I'm an indonesian myself. But u did a good job of trying all the local brand for snacks! :)

  4. hi irah, thanks for the tip!! :) any idea where silverqueen can be found locally?