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Yee Shun Dairy Company @ Sai Yong Choi Street, Prince

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yee shun mascot

Many moons ago when I first step foot in Hongkong, the Dad raved nonstop about double skimmed milk. I was takenaback by its strong milk powder aftertaste and have shunned it till now. Not sure if it's by Australian Diary or Yee Shun but I made a revisit for dessert this time!

double boiled milk

Bowls of double boiled milk that tempts across glass panels.

ginger double boiled milk

薑汁燉奶 (HKD 20) 

Quite a feat especially in Hongkong when temperatures were soaring in May when I went. Taking ginger anything isn't quite the smartest thing to do yet I went ahead with the gutsy decision. Loved the texture of the double boiled milk - almost like soya bean curd only more melt in your mouth. Ginger was playing second fiddle here, mild yet very pleasing.


I wish I had more stomach capacity for their famed milk macaroni dishes or even pork chop buns..there's always a next time I figure!


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  1. OMG OMG hahaha Yee Shun is already on my to-eat-at-least-2X lolx list. 薑汁燉奶 & 招牌雙皮燉奶 here I come! <3 <3 <3 milk puddings.

    Phoebe have you tried 记得吃's 姜汁撞奶? 我最喜爱记得吃的姜汁撞奶!! 记得吃 is the only place in SG I know which serves this. Ah Chew across the street doesn't have it. Now I super crave it!

  2. =) you sure have done your homework! think the two highly regarded places are australian diary and yeeshun for double boiled milk! Nopppe...personally not a fan of the double boiled milk so usu wont head for that in SG even.

  3. I had this doubled boiled milk almost everyday at Yau Ma Tei during my recent trip to HK!

  4. @miso: awwww...i miss it already! sighs...