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Wang Fu Jing Food Street and Street Eats

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wangfujing food street

The first visit to Beijing brings me back to a decade back. Back in those days, Wang Fu Jing Food Street was already popular. Being back in the same street..things have changed. Well at least I don't remember the street having so much variety in winter!


Be greeted by a signage that reads : sticks.


Sticks of creepy crawlies no less. I shiver at the mere sight, squeal in discomfort every time I view the video I recorded of this - their limbs flailing upon a gentle gust of wind. YIKES. Deepfried, these are purportedly crispy and nothing like what they look.

creepy crawlies

I suppose those above are already deepfried. Or some scorpions? I spied hairy legged tarantulas too.


Or some plump cocoons?

beef balls

Translation of this innocent dish becomes such a hilarious affair; peeing beef balls?

fried icecream 

Half tempted to try fried icecream!


The stacks and stacks of roasted chestnuts..


Bagged half a catty home (approx SGD 7) but a great pity these turned mouldy way too soon. Otherwise, the mildly sweet chestnuts will be a perfect telly snack!

blown candy

Blown candy! Such amazing talent these people have.

candied hawtorn

I remember eating so many sticks of these ten years back..冰糖葫蘆 (RMB 2). Strawberries, even...

candied stick

I still prefer them with small sour candy apples. The layer of transparent candy actually goes well with the sour apples. Overall it was the experience of eating from a stick and munching through these apples with so many seeds that made it worthwhile.

night market wares

Of course, there were alot of other edible options along the food street...trinklets to buy as well.

the IN thing now yogurt jars

The hottest thing this visit to Beijing happened to be glass jars of yogurt! I did not have enough guts to attempt any...after learning these jars were recyclable! Supposedly very old school...or rather these were marketed that way...!

The only time I had enough courage for hawker food was actually on the first day!

roadside joy

Street snacks from Chengdu? This was found a couple of streets away from the hotel.

hungry for roadside

A stove in wall concept.


Look beyond the recycled grease and hardly washed stove....I convinced myself, anything cooked on the spot could not be too bad.


With diners tucking in so had to be more than decent.

something like prata

Chinese prata, freshly fried.

ready to wrap

We opted for everything in! Talk about greed...or even getting the worst of all food poisoning at one shot. The extreme odds, I like to scare myself with.

prata with chicken and greens

Vegetables, spicy chicken patty and fried dough bread. Finger licking yummy! It's a chinese kebab or prata if you'd call it. I love how the spicy sauce and meat pulled off so well...perfect hot snack!

street hawker

Given a boost of confidence with the first stop, we made another daring attempt with the sweet potato seller.

arty farty

Roasted on the spot.

tons of sweet potatoes

How about an entire cart of roasted sweet potatoes?

sweet potato

RMB 5 for a sweet potato is certainly not cheap. Did not help this was a tad too mushy though I was drooling over the gorgeous shade of daffodil.

I was utmost thankful none of these daring eats brought me any tummy upsets. Perhaps I should have garnered more courage for a nibble at the scorpion! That would have been REAL gutsy eh!

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