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Shinjuu @ Robertson Quay

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robertson quay by night

Dempsey, Robertson Quay, Clarke Quay. Chijmes...and perhaps Ann Siang Hill are my favourite places...away from all the buzz. Once upon many moons ago, there was a musical showcase at Robertson Square and with that in mind...we headed to Shinjuu for dinner.

It was probably the furry obedient corgi at one of the tables that willed me into the restaurant.


Headed to Shinjuu for dinner one weekend finally after walking passed it on so many occasions and seeing it packed with people. That must have piqued the interest by several notches. I hardly go for yakitori alone for a meal, in fact...I hardly order yakitori in Japanese for the usual Tori-Q takeaways that I've done.


Taking a seat inside the restaurant, I ran the huge risk of smelling like a walking yakitori later.


Complimentary bowl of cabbage and appetizers served up. Crunchy lettuce meets tasty miso based sauce - incredibly delicious! I've never reached so readily for raw cabbage ever before.


Appetizers were starchy lady's finger, yet another oiishii one though the other tables' radish appetizer seemed more appealing.

ox tongue

Ox's Tongue ($9)

The companion insisted I gave this a try. It's one of those dishes that scares you off at the mere mention. Ranges from tender to crunchy, depending which part of the tongue. Sounds gruesome typing this but I loved it. Wonderful flavours but I feel bad eating the tongue of the poor ox.

Grilled Set A ($19)

more skewers

Pork with Asparagus

Lean pork meets juicy asparagus, yummmeh!

Pork Belly

In all its fats and charred bits, I thought it was really good.

short ribs

Beef Short Rib

First attempt at beef ribs: tender, well-charred and full of flavour.

Golden Mushroom Rolled with Beef

Tender and juicy.
chicken balls

Chicken Meat Balls

Rolled in chestnut, these had a slight mush consistency but still loving it all the same.



Nothing too out of the world, just fresh.

scallop bacon

Grilled bacon wrapped scallop ($10)

Unfortunately bland. The companion thinks it's to showcase the freshness of the scallops but I thought it lacked flavour. Painfully expensive.

Wonderful dishes executed by Shinjuu though I've honestly had a bad yakitori in Singapore yet. It's just one of those things that can hardly go wrong. Lovely service and delicious food..just pick wisely at the dishes and it'll be a night to remember.


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