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an obsession

No big secret how insane I can get in supermarts and collecting edibles by brands - Kit Kats and Pockys for a start. There's an Oreo post lurking somewhere. Localisation in a globalisation manner....the marketeer in me gets floored by it every now and then though deep down, I am fully aware it's purely marketing and product expansion. I amuse the companions every single time when I start fixating on things that come in various by box I fill my basket with them and then, face problems dragging them back to the hotel.
milk tea pocky

Pretz - Coffee and Milk

The fragrance of this is hard to miss and the colours used resembled a pretzel biscuit but that was really all about it. Kudos on creativity!
milk pocky

Milk Pocky

Unlike those found locally, the biscuit was a darker shade and milk taste was less subtle.

cappucino pocky

Cappucino - Drinks are still more potent.

butter pocky

As ordinary as these butter flavoured ones looked, adored the light buttery hints and fragrance. Made this savoury more sweet than not, yum!
green tea mousse

Green Tea Mousse - A different take on the usual with green tea mousse within. Reminded me of a biscuit cannoli. Decent though mild.
double choc

Double chocolate - the closest to the real thing. Rich and chocolatey!

The point about China-made anything is they perhaps nailed the fragrance but failed to score in the replication of taste - unlike the ingenious Japanese.

Each costs approx RMB 5-6.


These were nabbed in Hongkong...I was still riding high on the pocky wave then.
pocky savoury

Seafood flavour
savoury pocky

Shark's Fin flavour

Honestly, the taste is expectedly not obvious. Nonetheless, liked the thickness of the pockeys. Gave it enough bite and well, savoury pockys are equally delish and addictive!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Hmmm! That green tea pocky is making my heart jump.

  2. hee...pity the supermarts here don't stock variety!

  3. HAHA I think it's not the marketeer in you who gets floored by it every now and then. I think it's the greediness in you that gets tempted by the yummies every now and then LOL LOL.

  4. my favourite is the pomelo one!