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Pique Nique @ Takashimaya

pique nique

Here's the latest kid on the block, Pique Nique replacing Mcdonalds at Takashimaya.

pique nique entrance

The welcoming entrance.

interesting cup

Porcelain cups made to look like their plastic counterparts...complete with the dent!

row of goodies

The counter that teases.


Counter to make your orders and pay.


Cookies and jams anyone?


Particularly love their cosy seats which are usually filled.


Buckets of cutlery..details!

pique nique

More of the snaps of their cutlery and table adornments.


Menu that serves all day brunch and other fastfood equivalents.


Coffee to awake the senses.


Whoopie Fries ($8)
Pique Nique's fries, special blend of love and spices, mayo, ketchup

Thought this was decent with the overpeppering of spices. Served piping hot, I risked a sorethroat eating them hot.


Classique Dog ($8.50)
Pork sausage, ketchup, american mustard, relish, hot dog bun
Pique Nique sure knows how to reinterpret dishes (read their whoopie pies), this came with two halves of the hotdog bun rather than one sandwiching the hot dog. Ordinary at best, nothing much to holler about. Better than chipolata sausages, methinks PanPac sausages are continents better.

buttermilk pancakes with caramel

Buttermilk pancakes ($7.50) that I can barely resist. The moment I spotted them, I knew I was in for a hard time.

pancakes with cream

Flatter than my regular hotcakes from Mcdonalds. These barely have a bite, so soft that they can barely hold up either. Even with salty caramel sauce, it was mildly sweet. With a stiffened whipped cream, I had difficulty finishing two slices of this.
whoopie pies1

Whoopie Pies

Two soft cake-like cookies sandwiched with the most creamy and luscious marshmallow fluff!

whoopie pies

Whoopie pies are not macarons, they are quick to clarify though they look uncannily alike from afar. Sandwiched between two rounds of sponge cakes are a medley of flavours like peanut butter jelly, salted caramel and even red velvet cake!

The angelic twin of macarons and they claim otherwise. Sponge cakes with cream fillings - unimpressed. Both the salted caramel and red velvet were oh-so-forgettable.

Charlie Brown
peanut cupcake filled with peanut custard, covered with peanut caramel

caramel cupcake

Cupcakes are drooliciously pretty as well.  Peanut Butter Caramel was one for choice with swirls of peanut butter in the cake.

Unspectacular cupcake with a dry texture though I give them the benefit of the doubt the cupcakes test best at "room temperature" but they were served "chilled".

Two strikes and Pique Nique's out. Did not leave the place with a lasting impression - all things mediocre. More fluff than substance, most unfortunately.

Pique Nique
Takashimaya, #B1-03-1-2

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  1. I was just about to do my own review of the place, and with the same overall disappointment with it too, alas!

  2. yesh! consistently disappointing reviews.