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Pastry Gems @ Ritz Carlton, Hongkong

pastry gems at ritz

Ritz Carlton is one of the newest hotel additions in Hongkong and is the highest in the world occupying floors 102 to 118 of the International Commerce Center at Hongkong station. The views are purportedly spectacular but when I was there the haze got in the way...and I completely forgot about checking out the top floors. My bad...for just snucking out at Pastry Gems, a pastry boutique on the ground floor.

adorning the ceiling

The above that got me intrigued.

love the furniture!

More of those cushy sofas that I would not mind having at home!

posies for the table

Table posie...time for tea!

ritzy glitzy affair

Ritz, my dears.

Green Tea Raspberry (HKD 38)

a bite of

A hot favourite since the day it was launched, this dome-shaped dessert dusted with green tea powder was quite a beauty to look at.

greentea mousse jabbed

Soft melt in your mouth mousse with raspberry filling, loved the gorgeous colours used.

all that glitters is gold

Macarons (HKD 20)

black truffle

Black Truffle - much as I love truffle..infusing it into macarons was a daring move. It's hard not to like it but difficult to love.



The gold flakes sealed the deal...for luxe, for ostentatious...but it barely made a difference to the tatse. I have yet to try a really good cherry-flavoured could be me or the cherry flavouring.



Liked the flavour of this, more than subtle..not overpowering.

Very light wafer shells meets jam-like filling, still not quite the macarons I'm looking for.


Chilling out by the lounge people watching was as leisurely as it can get. If only the view of the harbour could match up.

Pastry Gems
9/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre,
1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui

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