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Otto Ristorante Revisited @ Red Dot Musuem

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Pasta. The deal for the night out with the gf. The best pasta. I'm wary of using "best" since it's relative (to whether or not the previous pastas were subpar..and ignorant of the future pastas being orgasmically great). Anyhow, I headed back to Otto with some apprehension after the last attempt at set lunch was dismal.

otto interior

The restaurant filled up so quickly, reservations are always recommended.

amuse bouche

Amuse bouche of avocado cream and blue swimmer crab, a tad fishy for comfort.


Complimentary bread that I dig so much. Only the favourites made it to the plate this time.

Onion bread, cranberry bread and olive bread with balsamic and olive oil. By now, my personal favourite goes to onion bread..for the density and satisfaction derived.


Livorno Style Seafood Soup in Light Tomato Broth ($18)

seafood zuppe

Personally thought the broth was a tad light with chunks of seafood.

sea urchin x roe

Spaghetti with Sea Urchin and Grey Mullet Botarga ($30)

I knew I had to try it when I saw it. Maybe it's the sea urchin or grey mullet botarga but no harm since both were calling out to me. Tossed in both prized ingredients and sliced cucumber, there was nothing carnivorous about it. Being the ultimate carnivore, I was already making plans for a protein supper before even trying it.


H.E.A.V.E.N. is what it is. I'm not sure how sea urchin ought to be described but surely tastes miles away from how it does on sushi. Rich complex flavour it has. Grey mullet and sea urchin = one of the world's greatest gastronomical marriages. Loved how the spaghetti was done - enough bite.

I love, love and love it to death. Tough fight for this and Cugini's for favourite pasta.

boston lobster

Linguine Boston Lobster in Light Spicy Tomato Sauce ($38)

I stole of bite of the gf's top favourite from Otto. Very rightfully so - intense flavours and oh-so-delicious! I already want to head back just for this.

mango panna cotta

Mango Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis ($14)

As long as it wobbles, it's a good panna cotta. My definition of it at least...a nice twist to otherwise vanilla panna cotta. Not wow but good.

Ala carte does do justice to restaurants, sometimes. For Otto, it opened me up to their sparkling dishes...dishes that I never knew could change my perception of it so much. Stick with the pastas, their mains and dessert can be hits or misses.

Until the next visit, bon appetit!

Otto Ristorante
Red Dot Museum

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  1. MEGA <3 <3 <3 Otto's pastas & desserts & everything! <3 the lobster pasta and Chef Michele's heavenly Haitian vanilla crème brulée! Bestest crème brulée E.V.E.R. Oh Phoebe, I'm so craving the crème brulée now!

    Is the mango panna cotta new? It's not on the menu.

  2. hahahhaha yes loved the creme brulee too but wasn't feeling it that nite. :P Les Bouchons serves up a mighty creme brulee too!

    it was part of the set lunch menu and I made a request for it. *hee*

    thanks for the tip, thank goodness i didnt head back to otto YET!