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Lounge @ Park Plaza Beijing Hotel

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I missed the chance to check out Beijing's nightlife or even the night landscape (as much as I try to achieve that with every trip!). Great pity as the chilly winds were most discouraging. And I completely forgot my list of "to-check-out" places...thinking that we would not have much time on our own.

It seems that the hotels along Wang Fu Jing does not have much of a chill ambiance - no resident band in the few hotels that we checked out. Not Regent, nor The Legendes (looks really colonial from outside!) or even Park Plaza where we were staying at.


Not much of a choice so we lounged at the lobby - what a pun!


I went for the safe Baileys Irish Cream. I always wonder why give such a big glass when the portion of alcohol is only going to be so little? Does it not make the disparity bigger? A shot glass would have been just right.


Cherry Martini that tasted quite like a cosmopolitan - cough syrup-ish.

triple orange martini

Triple Orange Martini that tasted herbal. The initial bitterness met with a mild sweetness towards the end, I don't particularly love or hate this. Just odd.

The joke that went round was that the drinks were medicinal in taste. All this while, the waitress was really nice to give us a free exchange.

pina colada

Pina Colada that was way too light on the coconut essence, more bitter infact. Lacked the breezy lightness the tropical cocktail should have been.


I figure I was the only lucky soul who enjoyed both her baileys and nuts.

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