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Lan Fong Yuen Revisited @ Central

lan fong yuen

I usually head to Central for H and M, Lin Heung, Lan Fong Yuen and Tai Cheong. There were others on the list of to try but time is always a constraint. Lan Fong Yuen's one of those tiny shops that you can hardly miss, located up a slope and at a cross junction. Did not want to squeeze with a shop full of diners so opted for takeaway instead.

menu 50 years worth

The menu that draws both locals and tourists alike.

behind the scenes

Rather than disgusted, I was quite amused at the close proximity of their dish washing area and cooking area. All next to the entrance of the grocery shop just next door!

stocking milk tea

Famous Stocking Milk Tea (HKD 17) for takeaway. Rich fragrant milk tea was a perfect perk me up in the morning.

pork chop bun takeaway

Pork Chop Bun (HKD 26) was decent...toasty buns with a thin slice of pork chop and the usual mayo and lettuce fillings. Good enough to feed the hunger.

Head to LFY for a taste of cha chan teng experience but at a price. Prices here are not the cheapest, mainly because it's right smack in the tourist belt and its brand name to boot! Missed out on Sing Heong Yuen this time despite hunting high and low for visit I guess!

Lan Fong Yuen

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  1. I was just looking at photos of the tomato nissin soup at Sing Heung Yuen. I must go there and Lan Fong Yuen too. Sing Heung Yuen is a few streets away, opposite Kau Kee Beef Restaurant.

  2. heh easier said than done! either that or my google maps were not truthful! :)