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Jumbo Seafood Gallery @ The Riverwalk


What I absolutely love about Great Singapore Sale is..nearly everything except Parliament House and the Merlion goes on sale. Food, inclusive.

great deal!

Jumbo is having a special set menu courtesy of Standard Chartered...$15++/pax for an unbelievable menu. The colleagues and I found it hard to believe how good a deal it was.


Unbelievably crunchy nuts.

tools of destruction

Tools of destruction.

watch her eat!

Watching this particular tourist eat was therapeutic. I'd do that just someday - one plate to myself!

jumbo seafood

Napkins for the messy eaters.

guess what's inside

Guess what's in it!

big pot

Starchy broth.

seafood soup

Seafood Soup

A starchy soup of prawns, mushrooms and beancurd...tasty!

steamed prawns

Boiled Live Prawns

Fresh, oh-so-fresh!


Steamed Tilapia

We had the option of steaming or deepfrying it. Wonderfully steamed fish...fresh and meaty!

stir fried kailan 

Stirfried Kailan in Oyster Sauce

You can have it done either in oyster sauce or garlic. A tad withered and old.

jumbo staples

Deepfried Mini Buns (16 for $8)

The only telltale sign of a chilli crab dish to ensue. The problem with fried mantous can hardly stop at one. Foamy soft with a crispy exterior...mop up the gooey gravy and nomnomnom.

crab claw

Chilli Crab 

Every 4 pax gets you a crab weighing in at 700-800 grams, pretty decent sized! No roe, meat was shrivelled up once the shell gets out of the way. The colleagues speculated that it had to be the 15th of the month (and it was!) as fishing for crabs on this day results in such loose meat - reason being, the crabs are mating and when they get caught..that's the natural reaction of the flesh.

Weird reasoning but it seemed to make sense.

Not the bestest crab attempted from Jumbo and with the promotion, there is simply no room for grouses.

Fried Noodles

Noodles for the birthday girl! This was somewhat too salty though packed with chicken slices.

dessert platter

Room for dessert, always.

avocado pud

Chilled Avocado Pudding ($4.50)

Coloured a neon green, the colour was too glaring for comfort. Avocado was too subtle and was really just green pudding with strawberries.

Mango Pudding ($4.50)

Stickier than avocado pudding, I actually liked this better.

mango sago

Honeydew Sago ($4)

In all the clumps and orange sweet soup, definitely a far cry from a good honeydew sago.

orh nee

Sweet Yam Paste with Gingko Nut ($4.50)

The best of the lot of desserts - smooth and mildly sweet paste.  

The only nitpick I have of Jumbo is their refusal in allowing us to have 2 choices of each - 8 pax gets you 2 set menus so logically you can try both options on the menu. Caveat being, you need to seat separate tables but this was not spelt out in the terms and conditions either - with a waitress with barely enough grasp of the English language to explain.

It does get annoying when the server and order taker are separate people and they seem to be running low on order takers. Other than that, it was a value for money deal at Jumbo!

Jumbo Seafood Gallery
20 Upper Circular Road
B1-44 to 48
The Riverwalk

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