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Grand Mansion Restaurant

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da zhai men bldg

I was only told it would be a performance with food. Until I arrived at the theatre, I had no inkling what I was in for. At the entrance we were greeted by waitresses dressed in princess garb.


Proceed further down the long walk way...

lotus flower

Artificial lotus flowers on the table gave the place an added oriental touch.


Purple, the colour of royalty.

da zhai men



Liked the cutlery set used...


Before the dinner proper began, it was already filled with appetizers.


Tasted like crispy fish with a savoury marinate, loved the chewy textures here.


stir fried beef

Grand Mansion Toufu

Yet another tasty one that I could not stop picking at!


Jellied chicken, it still amazes me how much intricacy goes into this.




Nuts tossed in soysauce, as simple as it looks and sounds...this was equally appetizing.


Yes, it's still on the appetizers with pickled bamboo shoots. Refreshing!


Not totally sure what this is but this translucent agaragar-like this was quite odd for me.

jellied pork

NOW, this is what I called edible art! The designs the chef created with the herbs and vegetables in the jelly was magic. Just like how I get very enthralled by the designs on the century egg...though formed naturally but the designs are super pretty! Does not help these taste really good too!

vegetable salad

Queer to find a western salad during a chinese meal but kudos..they did well! Walnuts, sprigs of green...vinaigrette and sesame seeds.

marinated beef

At last the final dish of appetizers...sliced beef! Yummy.

chicken soup

Grand Mansion Soup

Wholesome hearty chicken soup...missing out on the herbs though.

roast duck

Grand Mansion Duck

This is pretty close to braised duck, succulent juicy meat.

roast chicken

Deep Fried Crispy Chicken

This was drier than duck though equally delish.

pork ribs

Lamp Ribs with Secret Recipe

Not too huge a fan of this though I can't put a finger to it. Perhaps the gameyness of it that is repulsive (for once! I normally do not mind the gameyness much).


Steamed Mandarin Fish

Fresh and huge..!


Stir Fried Beef Tenderloin with Long Beans

Things started to get oily here.

root vegetables

Steamed Potato, Beans, Corns, Sweet Potatoes


grilled prawns

Baked Shrimps

table of food

condiments for peking duck

Grand Mansion Duck

peking duck



Imperial Dim Sum

changing of face



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