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Golden Palace Restaurant @ Beijing

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I usually shun factory visits like the one above for obvious reasons...but the lunch location was in the factory proper...!

golden palace

Meet Golden Palace Restaurant, folks.

nick nacks

Different kind of appetizers;oily peanuts and sweetened crunchy sesame balls.


Complimentary chinese 56% it was a lethal affair. A sip brought a burning sensation. A bottle of this neat would burn the intestines for sure! I wonder how the chinese can take it straight from the bottle!

stir fry

Seasonable Vegetable with Vinegar Dressing

This could pass off as pickled vegetables...still yummy.

beef brisket

Sliced Beef

In all dryness, these are delish.

suan la tang

Sweet and sour soup..nothing spectacular though I wish there was more kick.

fried rice

Fried Rice


Stir fried veggies

stewed chicken

Sweet and Sour Pork

Actually liked this lean version!

sweet and sour fish

This time with fish..! A nice proportion of dough and meat.

ma po tofu

Mapo Tofu

Silky smooth tofu meets spicy sauce..not the sort that would awaken the senses but just right with rice.


Steamed Dumplings

Tragic dumplings of all time.


Braised Tenderloin with Green Pepper

Tasty stirfry!


Spicy Diced Chicken with Chestnut

By this time, the overload of meat was getting to me and everything started tasting the same.

fried fish

Fried Mandarin Fish

Don't know how they do it but they do it so fine! Fried to such crispness...the fish meat is non-existent when I bit into the floury dish.

spring onion omelette

Chive omelette

I could get a guppy to swim in all that oil!

veg buns

Chive buns which was yet another letdown.


The horrifying episode of chinese snacks did not stop there.

corn pancakes

Corn Pan cake had to be the last straw - bland beyond comprehension. Maple syrup could have saved the day.

Not the bestest meal...but passable for a restaurant within a tourist trap near Great Wall.

Golden Palace

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