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Desire @ Scarlet Hotel


The Scarlet Hotel was one of those boutique hotels that caught my attention when it was first launched - kinky, sexy and daring. It is hard to mention Scarlet hotel without a slight giggle or a raise of an eyebrow. First visit to Scarlet Hotel to check out Desire.


Some oriental touches.

joy of sets

I love the concept - sexing things up. From the naming of the restaurant to the rooms and suites and the arty farty cosy corners within the hotel. Appreciate the lovely counterstaff who bothered enough to show us some of their rooms!


The rest of the kinky-sounding place.


Complimentary olive bread rolls took quite a while to arrive. Piping hot they were, methinks they are freshly made or reheated. The softest bun with a slight crispy exterior.

olive bread

Smear on the butter and it was sheer indulgence. Two I had at least...! A pity these were not refilled readily.


Salmon Carpaccio
Shiso cress, citrus soya dressing

Sliced too thick, the carpaccio's thickness matched that of sashimi in a japanese meal. Tasted like salmon from a yusheng...zesty!

duck breast

Smoked Duck Breast
Apple confit, frisee salad

Tender duck slices with sweet apples. I thought the appetizer was decent.

beef medallions

Grilled Beef Medallion
Roasted vegetables, crispy leeks, mashed potatoes dusted with truffle salt

Anything truffle smells heavenly...and this smelt awesome! I was sniffing at the plate even before it was placed down, as unglamourous as that sounds.

sliced beef

Beef medium done, the edges were slightly tough but the middle was well seared - pink and juicy!

truffle salt

A tab of truffle salt gave justice to this dish. Loved the mash potatoes and vegetables.

cappucino mocha

Cappucino Mocha Mousse
Chocolate sauce, fresh fruit garnish

Purportedly better than the light tiramisu though the latter was highly recommended by the waitress.



Appearance-wise, this barely looked like one with the only giveaway being the cocoa powder on top. Otherwise it was just sponge cake with cocoa powder.

lemon sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

The kitchen kindly replaced my dessert for me since they did not have non-chocolate nor coffee options on the menu. Loved it! Just the right level of sourness and bitter peel embedded within...loved the consistency of the sorbet. Awesome.

cake on da hse!

 Taken by surprise with Desire's display as it honestly was not top of the mind when it came to picking a place. Warm service and more than decent food...seconds are on the agenda!

3 courses ($30++)

Scarlet Hotel
Erkshine Road

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