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DB Bistro @ Marina Bay Sands

db bistro

When DB Bistro opened at MBS, I knew I had to try it. Their signature burger has been hailed as THE burger of all time and I figure the Americans would have gotten some of the burger-logy right. Reservations for weekday dinners are very necessary, I've heard of full house situations one time too many. However for Sunday Brunch in particular, the crowd only starts streaming in after 12.


Expected a more frivolous-looking menu.


The rest of the empty place.

lonely table

With the tiles and window panes, this looked really old school.


Brunch alert!

croque monsieur

Croque Monsieur ($21)
French Ham, Swiss Cheese, Mesclun

I'm not sure if the Mom knew what Croque Monsieur was years ago when the made us the most unforgettable sandwich of all time. Local bread sandwiching honey baked ham and cheese, seared over the oven. Without the decadence of melted cheese draping it, it has become my comfort food at home for the longest time.

So there was the chance encounter at Fullerton's Post Bar that sparked off this interest in Croque Monsieur. DB Bistro did well for this - loved the balance of cream cheese and swiss cheese without being too cloying. Delicious cut of ham used. Loved this brunch treat, in all simplicity.

trio of condiments

Condiments for their signature! Mayo, Mustard and Ketchup.

db burger

The Original DB Burger ($38)
Sirloin Burger Filled with Braised Short Ribs & Foie Gras. Served on a Parmesan Bun

So this is what I went to DB Bistro for. I got lost in the scrutiny of the bun to take notice of the fragrance of the parmesan bun, if any.

db signature

My burger to medium doneness.


Have to give the signature yet another food-porn shot. It is a complex burger. The layers and multitude of ingredients put together in the thick patty. In fact, shave off the toasted parmesan buns and relish, all you've got is a chunky beef patty.

I hate to say this but parmesan buns or not, it barely made the difference fragrance or taste wise. Too mild to remember, even. The tragic end to the bottom bun resulted in a soggybun and squashed tomato slices. As much as I would have loved to hold the burger in my hands and stuff my face in it, it proved a difficult task even cutting through the burger and trying to fork through it. Fortunately or unfortunately, I ate my burger in layers.

So there's foie gras, beef ribs and sirloin all in the patty. Tricky business with one of the three overshadowing the rest. Kudos to the kitchen for mastering such fine work - salty on the charred outsides, bland on the moist rare beefy insides, tasty beef ribs and mindblowing foie gras. Above it all, it was truly a good burger. Not great though, I went to suss out the fuss and satisfied the curiosity.

Service is contrived, on the borders of superficial. Crowd only started filling the place thereafter.


Managed to steal a picture with the iconic LV at MBS. Mighty one, I say!

DB Bistro
Marina Bay Sands

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