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Carl's Junior goes healthy

Special thanks to Terald for the invite!


Say hooray to hearty departure or arrival meals from T3 with the latest addition of Carl's Junior! Carl's Junior joins the rest of the junkies in line - Mcdonalds, Burger King and Popeye's. Carl's Junior has been the ultimate junkguide for me - messy decadent junkfood affairs that never fail to make me feel guilty with the portions and mess I create each time. Personal favourites are their chilli cheese fries and portebello mushroom burger which are hotsellers. Was quite surprised to receive an invite to taste their range of "guilt free burgers", aimed at those who really want their burger and eat them!

Truth be told, even before tucking into them...I had flashes of BK's Chicken Broiler.Anyhow their new range of healthy burgers come in three flavours.


Charbroiled Turkey Burger
charbroiled turkey patty, ketchup, mayonnaise, lettuce, red onion

Uncannily similar to BK's Chicken Broiler save for the bread.


Teriyaki Turkey Burger
charbroiled turkey patty, teriyaki sauce, a slice of grilled pineapple, Swiss cheese, red onion, tomato and lettuce

Thought the teriyaki was overpowered by the tropical flavours of sweet juicy grilled pineapple which made this more of a pineapple burger than teriyaki. Perhaps a name change would be apt?


Pairing of this burger with Nestle Sjora Tropical Pineapple is bliss! My first attempt at drink pairings for fastfood and it worked! Sjora is a combination of milk and juice; a really delightful combo. The pineapple fragrance is irrestible and I admit, the pairing worked.


Guacamole Turkey Burger
charbroiled turkey patty, freshly prepared guacamole, pepper-Jack cheese, tomato and lettuce

A personal favourite of the three with the spicy punch that guacamole provided.

Variantly different from the usual guilt free burgers - tofu or lettuce based, you get the bun that completes the burger picture. I have a confession to make - burgers are not complete with bun, patty and salad. Anything short does not make a proper burger. Carl's Junior nails it with a healthier version of their usual full works. All burgers come with toasted honey wheat bun - major love! Doughy goodness.

The Charbroiled Turkey Burger, Teriyaki Turkey Burger and Guacamole Turkey Burger
combo meals retail at $11.70, $12.30 and $12.30 respectively.

chilli cheese fries

Chilli Cheese Beef Fries

Always a must order! What's burger without fries? Clearly, I am totally not adhering to the guiltless fastfood agenda of the invite session.

blueberry cheese

Blueberry Cheesecake

I was surprised that these fastfood cheesecakes were actually more than decent! Beats some of the restaurant desserts hands down too. Moist cheesecake base meets blueberry gummy jam, pity the base was soggy but otherwise, really not too bad.



Their milkshakes are no Billy Bomber's but honestly, they do fare quite well! Creamy, milky and rich with flavour, between Vanilla and vote goes to vanilla. As good as eating vanilla icecream off the tub, bliss is such all captured in a cup.

Carl's Junior
Changi Airport Terminal 3

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