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Buffet @ Park Plaza Beijing Hotel

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Hotel breakfasts always get me least on the first day and usually the interest level dives by the second or third day. Park Plaza's buffet range is limiting with a live station for breakfast egg-fryups and noodles but the rest of the items were changed on a daily basis - hooray for that! 3 breakfasts in Beijing, by the third day...I was having repeats of the favourites.

flower honey

The quartet of preserves and flower honey that greeted me every morning. I love flower honey best - perfect for pancakes, toast and even mixing them in tea!

bread hamburger potatoes

eggs benny

A deconstructed eggs benny that I tried to make. Poached eggs have a tendency to be overcooked and this would be clearly reflected in the egg white - nasty. This was alright.


I had a field time creating shooters of cereal and nuts for the hearty start I love! Pity the milk was a tad thin...skimmed milk perhaps.

fried doughsticks with soyabean milk

The ultimate chinese favourite - fried doughstick with soyabean milk! Unlike those we find here..the doughsticks though not piping hot nor dripping in oil had a lovely dense texture to it.

glutinous rice ball

How about some glutinous rice balls? Found the glutinous rice skin too was barely holding up the ingredients.

pancake and lotus root pancake

Pancakes two ways - buttermilk and savoury pancake with lotus root.

The latter needed some getting used to, a tad too starchy for comfort.


Chinese dimsum..even if the Asian origins are similar to hongkong dimsum...these were bad. Chewy bland pau skin with acquired fillings like mui choy, turnip...even the siewmai can rival 7-11's instant fix.


Acquired fixes.


Chinese-branded yogurt! I kid you not..delish! Blend in some flower honey, it was pure bliss tucking into these little tubs first thing in the morning.

cheese and crackers

I usually cannot resist cheeses with crackers.

bacon bun waffle

Loading up all the carbs and guilt before a long day of sightseeing. Bacon-bun-waffles!

bacon and lettuce

A companion discovered a novel way of eating bacon - with lettuce! And it really rocks. Strangely so...indeed. The whole crunch of the lettuce and bite of the bacon...mamma mia!

breakfast bites

Not forgetting the salad bar though was nothing spectacular.

french toast

French toast, donut and apple danish from the pastry corner!


Never been a fan of scrambled eggs or omelette, this did not convert me either.

fried banana

Goreng Pisang in Beijing...this has to be an epic find!

banana bread, muffins

Another of those that I doubled up lots on the last day, yummy banana bread!

I loved how the layout of the place allowed for sunrays to seep into the sitting area...and free wifi best of all. Breakfast was hearty and definitely eye opening...I don't reckon myself straying on the streets for chinese breakfast though.

Park Plaza Beijing Hotel

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