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Beijing Provision Shop Finds and souvenirs

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from beijing

The cousin excitedly shared her Beijing supermart loots with us..labelling this a MUST TRY. She lugged back enough to quell the withdrawal syndrome. Must be really good, we all thought. Instant bubble tea that has taken Beijing by bubbles...I was really excited.

bubble tea bubbles

Pour in boiling water and watch the magic happen after a couple of stirs.The bubbles start plumping up, the tea turns a familiar creamy shade. Milk tea was decent but the bubbles were a tad too small for the full QQ texture to be tasted. Would I trade Koi for this? Definitely not.

lao nai nai

Old Granny peanuts vacuumed packed! I had these at one of the homes we visited during the trip and started my hunt for these almost immediately.

mad crazy delish nuts

Lightly salted, these crunchies are mad delicious..once you start, stopping becomes a heinous sin.

wasabi peanuts beijing

How could I resist wasabi nuts!

wasabi peanuts

These lack the punch, most unfortunately.

wasabi peas

Another type of wasabi peas which failed to elicit any form of excitement.

sweet potatoes pack

Sweet potatoes miniaturized!

sweet potatoes

Looks like one, tastes like dense kueh. I say stick to the chestnuts if need be.

bj snacks 2

These were sold nearly everywhere, comes in a variety of flavours from chilli to black peper to caramel. Sold by weight.

bj snacks

Simply nut wafers, nothing too extraordinary.

nian gao

Mochis are always had to resist....perfect souvenirs and agreeable across all ages. There were two types 驴打滚(Rolling donkey literally!) and 年糕 (sticky rice cake)

For rolling donkey, it's a signature Beijing snack, made from steamed glutinous millet or sticky rice, scattered with fried bean flour and stuffed with a range of ingredients like yam, red bean and black sesame paste. When you roll it in soya bean-flour, it resembles a mule rolling on the ground, raising dust at the same time. What a poetic name to it!

Both are equally delish soft and chewy treats. 

lu da gun


bj goodies


Have fun munching your way in Beijing!

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  1. Woa dehydrated tapioca pearls?!? Interesting. Haha still no Koi for me! :/ I only like tapioca chewies in my bobo chacha! =)

  2. hehe...yah! innovative eh! something i'd expect out of japan more than china. :P speaking of which...i better find time for bobo chacha too!