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Bar Stop @ Devonshire Road

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A great pity that it's already closed! But just for memory's sake.

Bar Stop at Devonshire Road is quite a hidden gem, tucked somewhere in Orchard...away from the pub crawlers.En route there, I found a couple of dining places I already want to try at Killiney Road! Fairly packed for Friday night, we were lucky to nab a seat. There are different bands for every day of the week. The second floor was completely full, unfortunately.

bar stop

Pork Neck

Tender slivers of pork coupled with a tangy sauce, loooooved it!

apple crumble

Apple Crumble with Hazelnut Oat Crust and Vanilla Icecream ($12)

Deconstructed apple crumble which I am not a fan of already for the presentation. Poached apple cubes with a scattering of hazelnut oat clusters. The scoop of vanilla ice seemed to be pre-prepared given the ice crystals that glistened on the surface.



The alcoholic had the usual fix of mojito which was deemed a tad too strong.

Perfect to unwind the weekday blues away and perhaps that delish pork neck is enough to warrant another return...or how about some sushi next door at Sushi Yoshino?

Bar Stop
Devonshire Road

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