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Yuen Kee Restaurant @ Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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first stop

The first stop for the trip..a very undeliberate one since the idea was to hunt down Tsui Wah but somehow the lanes got too confusing and the weather too scorching to continue the mousehunt. Dropped by Yuen Kee instead...atypical cha chan teng. It is baffling how their eateries are always filled with people regardless which district at any hour in the day.

handwritten bills

Handwritten menus scream old school but I'm loving it so. It's to do with writing it that makes a bill so charming? Soon I figure, we'll be losing all of these personal touches with machine printed ones. Oops, went a bit too far off with the nostalgia.

mid day crowd

One and all alike - hungry.


Sitting on their seats was quite a seesaw experience..the benches are shared boards...should the person behind be too heavy, tilting happens!


Condiments to go with the orders.

roast goose rice

Roast Goose Rice

No Yung Kee here, you get a selection of roast meats to go with fluffy rice and a sprig or two of greens. No huge difference between goose and duck to be honest, apart from the fact that visually geese have an extra knob on their foreheads!

pork chop bun

Pork Chop Bun

Seared buns with a lovely crunchy bite at the edges with the usual fare of lettuce, mayo and a decent slice of juicy pork chop!

charred buns

I miss the Macau ones but this is suffice to ease the cravings.

Yuen Kee Restaurant
G/F 18B Granville Rd,, Tsim Sha Tsui

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  1. When were you there? Friend and I was there last fri. Ordered the goose rice and pork bun as well!! Don't understand why they always give so much rice. Can never finish :P

  2. @PY: Late may. :) hahahah that makes it value for money...!