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Terrace Cafe @ Saigon Center, Ho Chi Minh

Located at Saigon Center, a rather chi-chi location of District 1. Largely patronized by tourists and young Vietnamese, it looked like a place to be seen and see. A stone's throwaway from Fanny's and Temple Club as well, this is hard to miss! A choice of al fresco dining or dining within, the weather was too hot to challenge the heat with al fresco.

interior terrace cafe

Straight out of a furniture magazine? The way the cafe was conceptualised was in parts of an apartment..from living room to dining room to cosy corners...the furniture had price tags and a contact to purchase them too! You can literally "try out" the furniture before purchase, love the idea!


Labelled chopsticks for the uninformed.


I had to have my Bahn Mi (70,000 VND) with the roadside option thrown out of the window since I had 101 justifications for an edible one.

1) Enough crowd - I probably missed the morning crowd as most of the stalls were rather empty.
2) Basic levels of hygiene - Which varies miles and miles apart when the cart is parked in the open for hours and natural seasoning of the traffic fumes is inevitable.

Think Delifrance baguette (at its peak), crusty and toasty bread with the scrummiest of fillings. Grilled pork with a hearty salad and a drizzle of zesty sauce. I could not stop chomping on this once I started. Awesome touristy dish and I certainly am not complaining! The bread was absolutely unforgettable. I console myself saying the Vietnamese baguette would not be as crunchy as this was!

The sandwich was thoughtfully wrapped with spring onion - delicate work here!

spring rolls 2

Cha Gio Terrace (75,000 VND) that I have been such a fan of throughout the couple of days in Ho Chi Minh. Served so prettily in a dimsum basket, unveiling it was more than scent-sational. Comes with a side of rice vermicilli which I could not help dipping in the tangy sauce and slurping it up so greedily.

spring rolls

Crispy meaty favourite of the vietnamese cuisine!

Perhaps Terrace Cafe is made for foreigners in terms of taste, I was not complaining one bit at all since I had problems taking to the real Vietnamese cuisine. For once, I actually loved a tourist trap!

Terrace Cafe
Saigon Center, District 1

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  1. Vietnamese baguettes are good coz of their French influence (past colonialism).

  2. @ ice: actually not quite...! on the contrary, on those geared towards tourists are awesome...otherwise, the local ones are pretty much like our local bakery baguettes - lacking in bite.