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Tanjong Pagar Rail Station

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tanjong pagar station

I reckon I could be one of the last remaining few who does not know how charming our railway station is..or for that matter, there is an alternative mode of travel into Malaysia apart from bus, taxi and car. Welcome to our version of rail travel, a mode of transport I rely heavily on especially overseas...! Chasing after your train, getting greeted by the train conductor and watching the smoke go up in billows is therapeutic in this day and age. I once dreamt of an Orient Express travel...but until I've sorted out internally if the new Chanel arm candy is more worth while or an experience on the Orient Express shall be one of those lemmings.

This railway station shall no longer be here come July and nostalgic me decided to pay it a visit and take a trip up to Johore on a whim! Take note though tickets out of Singapore can go up to SGD 13 whilst tickets back from Johore are just RM 3.

railway view

I'm sure it had its share of its glorious yesteryears.


Love this pic!


The dirty train chugging along the overused railway lines.


Food that has garnered the railway station enough attention. There was an article last year that featured a couple of hot favourites..some of which have decided to call it a day...the burgedil with beef stuffing was nowhere to be found!

m. hasan canteen

M. Hasan Railway Station Canteen is one of the two dining options available.


Packed for a weekend.

bee hoon goreng

Bee Hoon Goreng and bergedil! Fried on the spot, this was different from my usual order of mee goreng. Hearty homecooked fare, I reckon most things served piping hot taste decent.

It was only after I returned home to narrate my exciting rendezvous to the railway station that the Dad shot me a "I-cant-believe-you-didn't-try-the-chappati" look.

So yes, supposedly very popular, I am kicking myself doubly hard for not ordering that!


And here's the food center under the same owner! This offers more options...think satay, roti prata and all things sinful.


I was only interested in Ramly burger.

ramly burger

Ramly Burger ($3)

Not even 3 chicken patties could save this. Not nice. At. All. The lady did not even bother frying a fresh one for me, she picked it from a pile of preprepared burgers. BOO!

Other than that, it was an interesting way to travel via rail though the civic consciousness of the travellers made me think twice of taking up the option if I intended to do stayovers.

Tanjong Pagar Rail Station

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