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The tale called 雞蛋仔

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雞蛋仔 is one of those street eats that I always mean to eat. Made on the spot, these are modelled after the plastic bubbles I love to burst as a kid.Served piping hot in a paper bag, I thought these make really good street snacks - easy to eat and certainly not messy.

Anyhow, I wanted to try the best 雞蛋仔 HK had to offer. Alas, it was not meant to be - The poor uncle.He was tracked down by the government for illegally hawking and seeking social assistance at the same time - double whammy. I should have known better that he would not be selling anymore but I suppose it's the "die die must try" spirit that brought me to Prince Edward.

Prince Edward unlike the touristy spots is alot more residential. With Queen's College in the vicinity, there are tons of school boys who crowd out at the cafes over lunch. The kind newspaper lady I spoke to shared one of the places in the neighbourhood to partake of this popular street snack.

round the corner

It took me forever to find the Dim Sum Wong she was talking about as the key landmark.


A great pity the stall she recommended was also closed!

雞蛋仔 jordan sidewalk

Decided to try any random street stall for a taste of this famed street snack.

雞蛋仔 by the road

Supposedly famous from North Point, this shop is so easy to miss given its size - half of the regular stall. Specializing in waffles, you can either have the checked belgian sort or egg waffles.

雞蛋仔 fresh!

Crispy on the outside and slightly chewy within - that's how the hongkongers say the 雞蛋仔 is supposed to taste. I thought it was a more complicated version of loveletters. The awesome coconut fragrance with a crunchy exterior and most certainly chewy inside.

雞蛋仔 bitten

Fits the bill of the authentic 雞蛋仔! Main grouse is, finish it quick or risk having soggy waffles thereafter.

HKD 10-15 depending on location.


A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. scared me. for a moment i thought you gonna eat 点心皇. That place is.. nvm. haha

    Ohh i stay near the original 利強記北角雞蛋仔 in North Point, always long queue during lunch or after classes time! Strolling along the street and popping one ball at a time is shiok!

  2. pwahahaha seriously? 点心皇 is bad? I was half tempted by the molten sesame buns! HENG ARRRHHH. :P

    oh you do!!! shucks, should've asked you where to find the best 雞蛋仔! On a side note, realised the century egg place moved liao. :(

  3. I think there's a dessert stall at Raffles City basement selling 雞蛋仔. Wonder if it's any good.

  4. heh i knw!! been wanting to try but the lack of queues seem to say something and they're priced from $3...*hmmmz*

  5. haha, well 点心皇's dim sum are reported to be all imported from china factories. That says alot about quality and erm, hygiene I guess?

    Oh shifted already ah? Kinda strange if they do cos old shops like these will rarely move.. Did you manage to find it in the end?

    ok i just read comments on openrice HK that she shifted after CNY!

  6. wah! HENG ARHHHHH. :P no lo...cos i read openrice as well and nobody had a clue where she went...thought u may know since ure DA HK MAN! hee. so sian, i cldnt track down the 雞蛋仔 hawker!!

  7. Read this Phoebe! 炭爐伯伯雞蛋仔 was actually recommended by Why did they even arrest him? Major tragedy.

  8. yah saw it on cnngo first then openrice...sigh, publicity is a double edged sword! he's banned from ever hawking his awesome 雞蛋仔s! :(