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Pizzario Giardino @ Chijmes

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pizzeria giardino

It was one of those nights that the weather was cooling and al fresco dining was the perfect way to enjoy the rare good weather.

tree lights

Pizzario Giardino seemed to fit the bill with lights strung on trees, tables in the open...and wood fired pizzas.

breaded cheese stick

Formaggio In Carroza ($10)
cheese morsels coated with crispy breadcrumbs served with tomato salsa

A word of advice; always eat it piping hot and avoid leaving it to the last to finish. The cheese hardens really quickly and renders it a boring snack too fast.

breaded cheese sliced

Otherwise, I enjoyed it while the melted cheese-breaded crust lasted! Oh, the tomato salsa is appetizing!


Portobello ($28, Large)
mozzarella, parmesan, goat cheese, scarmorza, basil, portobello mushroom, caramilized onions, roasted garlic

The difference between regular and large sized pizzas are all but 2-inches all round and $4. I'm not sure what in the darkness made portobello pizza look and sound fit for a carnivore - could not detect meat at all in friviolous bimbo-city. Roasted garlic reminded me of Mad for garlic but nary the garlicky aftertaste nor smell...just tastes like potato. Caramlised onions made it taste like part of a burger that never came.

pizza sliced

Otherwise, it was an o-k-a-y- pizza with a crunchy biscuit base. If anything, I had a field time sprinkling chilli flakes and freshly grated parmesan cheese on this.

I fulfilled my ideal of dining alfresco under the canopy and watching ang moh kids cartwheel the whole night away but that was really it.

Pizzario Giardino

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