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Oyster Bar @ Customs House

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fullertonbay outside

The side of CBD I find particularly alluring.

custom's hse

We opted for a table outside to take in the view and possibly sunset. Oyster Bar is a standalone concept in between Fullerton Bay Hotel and Customs House. After Curtis Stone's dinner at Fullerton last year, I have been trying to hunt down that memorable glass of wine. Only Oyster Bar stocked that particular wine - Pecavi Sauvignon "No Regrets".



my fave white wine

Peccavi Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 'No Regrets'

$88 per bottle,  $18 per glass. It would be more worthwhile to get the bottle.

If my memory serves me well, the second attempt was less memorable than the first. Less fizzy and less mind blowing somehow. It could have been the delay in serving the glass as the second glass was way better! What I adore about this wine has been for the fact it does not leave an aftertaste, smooth and easy to swallow. The wine conoisseur of the company begged to differ though - lacked the wine taste.


Service was attentive but was leaning towards intrusive when the waitress came back every now and then nudging for an extra order or to recommend an appetizer or mains or do what she can just to get an order.

I had every mind to order oysters since I was at Oyster Bar afterall!

Oyster Shooters Trio ($22)

Gillardeau oysters were used for this, otherwise sold at $20 per shucked pair. Larger than usual, these were creamy and delightful to gulp alongside the various accompanying sauces. I actually liked these oyster shooters, the sweet finish that each sauces exhibited. Was expecting Bloody Mary to be a nasty punch on the palette but it was more like tomato juice.

bloody mary

Bloody Mary


Limoncello Balsamico

red ginger

Red Ginger

fullertonbay view

The charm about sitting at a place and watching the night fall see the marvellous transition of day to night. As emo-fied as that sounds, that makes chilling all the more a lovely addiction.

night view fullerton bay hotel

The same view just an hour later.

night view customs house

Another of the gorgeous.

Oyster Bar
70 Collyer Quay

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