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Majesty Seafood Restaurant @ Jordan

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I made a mental note this visit to Hongkong to make sure I tried a molten custard pau..somehow. Seems like it's not quite the most popular dimsum item to order since most of the dimsum places do not offer it. Even the hongkie himself could only offer up one suggestion - Super Star. The other was Majesty, someone's friend swears by it and has lugged back tons of these lil carb balls to soothe the cravings. 

Joy is me that I stumbled upon this outlet while walking and looking for breakfast one fine and dandy day (amongst the hurried schedule, I actually had time to waste and did not plan anything concrete...yay!)

Breakfast specials from 7-11am gets you a pocket friendly 50% off your bill! Meal discounts has to be one of the reasons why I love dining in Hongkong so very much.  Anyway, on the first visit there, we had to rush through the meal and get the damned bill before the clock struck 11..closing the till before all items were delivered (wrong move indeed!). Service was as bad as can be but who cares with the hefty discount and it came at a price. Read on to find out what.

interior majesty

Packed with people.

fun cheong chicken abaloneSteamed Shredded Abalone and Chicken Rice Flour Rolls (HKD 22)

Soft rice rolls wrapped around abalone and chicken though I cannot really make out what was what in the chewy and palatable filling, it was the first cheong fun of the trip and I liked it enough.

fluffy and hot

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns (HKD 14)

char siew pau

Also a first for the trip, these fluffy buns were stuffed so generously with savoury meaty char siew bits. It's one un-good looker but has to be one of my favourite char siew paus for a while. Usually the stuffing has random strays of fatty bits which annoys me to no end - I love lean meat buns!

congee hk style

Preserved Egg and Pork Congee (HKD 7.8) 

Done absolutely the cantonese way with a ton of MSG and an inbetween grainy and gruel texture of congee. Missing out on the fried dough stick for completeness.

I was waiting and keeping the hopes high for the grand appearance. 10 minutes, 20 minutes..the bill came and went...and still no sign of the molten custard buns. 11 am struck and I was prepared to pay the full amount for it until I stopped two waitresses to get my order checked - it was not even ordered! Fuming, I left. Yet...sometimes, it's the whole logic of 不要跟肚子过意不去 ( don't put the hunger on hold literally translated) and walk off swearing not to return when the whole mind and heart is thinking about it day and night.

So...I headed back the next day to a restaurant brimming with people. Darn, the Sunday brunch crowd too! The same absent minded loud mouthed waitress was still on duty - I had to have my custard bun, regardless.

zhen zhu ji

Steamed Stuffed with Dried Conpoy Assisted Meat in Sticky Rice Wrapped with Lotus Leaf (HKD 26)

Hongkong english for you...what's steamed stuffed? I wanted very much to lug back glutinous rice dumplings from Majesty but the yardstick had to be the 珍珠鸡.

glutinous rice unveiled

Albeit really tasty, the rice was a tad soft. Loved the flavourful ingredients of scallops, chicken and salted egg though.

xo fried carrot cake

Fried Turnip Pudding with X.O.Sauce (HKD 18)

Way too oily, these lukewarm carrot cakes had a nice crispy exterior and green chillis with dried shrimp which whetted the appetite greatly.

siew mai

Majesty Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (HKD 26) 

None too spectacular.

molten custard paus

Steamed Custard Buns (HKD 18)

These nondescript looking buns arrived last and I was worried the last fumble would happen again. Thick bun layer meets molten custard filling.

oooooze baby

Holysmokes awesome this is! Have yet to try one that has what I so desire in a proper molten custard bun! The bun layer isn't too fluffy but has bite to hold up against the thick liquid. Loved the consistency of the filling - not too thick nor sweet. Two thumbs up! I wish, I only wish...I lugged back some. This and Lin Heung's lotus paste buns are my kind of to-die-for.

watch it spill!

So glad I managed to try and find a good molten custard pau! The rest of the dimsum items are actually not bad. With regular hongkong service and moderately good food...I don't mind a return! Pity their roasted pork was not available for breakfast.

*Prices are before 50% discount.

Majesty Seafood Restaurant
3/F Wu Sang House, 655 Nathan Road , Mong Kok

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