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Lei Garden Takeaway

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Lei Garden in Singapore failed to wow and I did not have time for their famous and highly lauded restaurant either. Yay to the surprise takeaway! Surprise takeaway from Lei Garden after I casually mentioned I wanted to try roast pork in Hongkong.

lei garden roast pork

Roast Pork (HKD 68)

9 cubes worth. The layer of jellied fat and meat proportion was perhaps perfect by the means of atypical good siew yoke - most people love it with more fat than meat. I, fall in the other health conscious category. Personal preference to love more meat than fats. Anyhow, the jellied fat was chewy, loved their perfect crispy skin even when I did not have it piping hot...and yes, the mustard that came with it!

Lei Garden
10/F, Times Square,1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay

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