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Ikoi Restaurant Revisited @ Miramar Hotel

My third time back at Ikoi's over a span of 5 years and somethings hardly change.

bar counter

1) Advance bookings required for table seats else you get offered bar counter ones.
2) Price is still at $33++, take about food inflation?

fishhead soup

tangy sashimi

3) Complimentaries are still the same...I sense some form of boredom.



Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, Swordfish, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Snapper

Fresh but the knifework of the chef needs some improvement.


california rolls

California Temaki 

California maki always makes me happy, methinks it's the colour combination.

Yakimono (Broil Dishes)

bacon rolls

Cocktail Bacon Maki
Kani Bacon Maki
Tomato Bacon Maki

I never knew tomatoes and bacon would go so well together! The best of the three combinations..the juicy tomato negated the saltiness of the bacon..nice!


Saba Shioyaki
Salmon Shioyaki

These were decent fixes of omega-3, liked the charred fragrance.


Mid Chicken Wing

My favouritest of the lot! Skin grilled so crisp, I totally enjoyed polishing off the wing save for the bones.



Juicy chicken tenders with teriyaki sauce, another decent one.


Ebi Tempura

Artificially enhanced breaded prawns, mayo would have done the trick.

Tempura and Agemono

assorted tempura

Mixed Tempura (Assorted)

I actually do like tempura because they seem less sinful than agemono. The light batter is a facade honestly...but I love how the batter disintegrates upon dipping into the sauce.

 fried chicken

Chicken Katsu

Fried chicken, simply.



In all the deepfried madness, I don't remember any being particularly outstanding.

sweet potato

Sweet Potato

cheese fishcake

Fishcake with Cheese

Ordinary fare.

Side Dishes


Edamame and Soramame (Broad Beans)

Never can go wrong with edamame, I simply adore eating from the pod.


Yamaimo Sengiri (Wild Yam)

Crunchy yam sticks that ended up in a starchy consistency...almost like nato beans but this is less acquired.

The companions and I agreed not to pile up so much on the carbs and risk dozing off later at work so no rice or udon which by normal standards I would have gamely wolfed them down. Dessert is not part of the menu but I had to end it off on a sweet note.

black sesame with red bean

The dessert menu is pretty much limited to their airflown icecreams. The one above is Black sesame with red beans ($6) which was initially served. Obviously melted into a puddle, the waitress had the cheek to insist otherwise that the texture was such and she even used the spoon to jab at the melted icecream.

I insisted on a replacement anyhow and to prove my point, the second scoop was not as horribly melted. Rich fragrant black sesame icecream..oiishii!

yuzu sorbet

Yuzu icecream which I should have gone for! Embedded with bits of yuzu...

The third attempt at Ikoi did not leave me wanting to return so could be my being averse to buffets these days.

Ikoi Restaurant
Miramar Hotel

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  1. I think the breaded prawn is known as Torpedo Prawns or ebi furai in Japan rather than ebi tempura.

    wanted to try ikoi long time ago, but i am getting wary of buffets.

  2. really? hmm ok..didnt know abt it. you shd give it a try...but like you, buffets are getting too much for me these days.