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Crumbs @ Cannon Street, Causeway Bay

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I missed out Crumbs the last visit so I made the extra effort to hunt it down. Not that difficult to hunt down since there are 6 outlets around Hongkong already. Really near SOGO Causeway Bay, finding it is easy peasy. Opened by unknown HK celebrity and her sister, Crumbs has spun much interest and following in Hongkong that froyo has become the new icecream (at least over the last year or so!)


A really small shop with so many things packed in.


Wall of fame.

froyo with mochi

Like Roll, Crumbs' froyo includes a swirl of frozen yogurt and a topping or toppings of your choice.I missed out on their famous house crumbs but tried tried home made mochi. Still a fan of their froyos, love their rich yogurt swirls with icecream finish...and mochi toppings. I should get down to trying their housecrumbs some day!


Wonderful treat for a hot day!

To lure its patrons, there's a free topping provided for every 2 toppings every Saturday. Teenage girls seem to form a huge portion of their crowds. Space is a major limitation for this takeaway store as I was there in a corner trying to enjoy my cup of froyo and was constantly being nudged an inch further away from my original corner with new customers every now and then.

scones samples

Also up on the choice board is scones, Crumbs like Roll is smart in this sense. They do not sink all the eggs in one basket and should the bubble pop, there is yet another saving grace.

crumbs scones

Good scones are hard to come by, majority are dry...others too buttery. Crumbs' scones have a crumbly consistency..almost like suggee scones. Generous samples for all to take and these get wiped out real quick.

Cheese - Nice balance of cheese here. Liked how cheese and butter go so well together.
Chocolate - A tad sweet.
Raisin - Not too bad...I just need a dollop of jam for the perfect tea.

Regular Froyo + 1 Topping (HKD 28)
Additional toppings are available at HKD 4.

Shop 1C, G/F, Central Mansion, 8 Cannon Street, Causeway Bay

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.



    See this. Why does M'sia have all the good things? A&W, Krispy Kreme & now Crumbs! Hmph. I don't believe there isn't a market here for all these.

  2. haha yep am aware of crumbs at pavillion..didnt bother trying though. LOL...well, for a start..malaysians speak cantonese! lame excuse i know. haaaz.