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ABC Bakery @ Ho Chi Minh


ABC Bakery was one of those places that I read about but chanced upon to my sheer delight near the Backpacker's area.


Baguette (17,000 VND)

Bahn Mi infact with all the similar ingredients thrown into it and wrapped like a roll. I adored the crusty layer of the baguette which made it really similar to Delifrance's as opposed to the Vietnamese baguettes which actually lacked a certain bite. The Vietnamese version was more of the type used in our Golden Pillow Curry Chicken equivalent...very bakery style.


Croissant (13,000 VND)

This looked so good behind the transparent covers. Was more buttery than fluffy...denser than expected.


Apple Feuillete (13,000 VND)

Found the pastry a tad thick as well, expected it to be a lighter pastry. Apple jam was in blobs too.

abc marble cheesecake

Marble Cheesecake (41,000 VND)

The scariest cake ever...too spongey and stiff. If cheesecakes ever tasted this way, I will never be a fan. 

Unimpressed by the bakes though I did not mind the Bahn Mi too much. The cream cakes they had on display were really pretty however!

ABC Bakery

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