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Ma Ma's Patisserie @ Square2

A gf had been raving about them for the longest time and I tried hunting this place down and finally succeeded. Call me noob but I have problems navigating around UE Square, Novena Square and what other mall that's also in the vacinity. If tracking down Udders at Goldhill Plaza took at least 2 is really no wonder tracking Ma Ma's took at least thrice.

Buns were discounted to prices starting from a dollar a piece, once the clock struck 7..which explained the burgeoning crowds and near mad snatching of buns ensued.

raisin cream cheese whole

Cranberry Cream Cheese

Ain't no barcook but this was decent.


Unevenly distributed cranberries (found on the other end of the bun) with pillowy soft bread.

hot cross bun cranberry cream cheese whole

Raisin Hot Cross Bun

raisin cheese

No different from the cranberry cream cheese bun. For both, the cheese was light.

swt potato walnut whole

Walnut Sweet Potato

sweet potato

Dusted with cinnamon powder, this was reminiscent of BreadTalk's sweet potato bread. Still found the bread a tad too soft to hold up on its own...resulting in a rather limp outlook. Otherwise, the sweet potato squash was yummy with bread.

Ma Ma's a neighbourhood bakery located in a shopping mall.

Ma Ma's Patisserie
10 Sinaran Drive #02-06/07
Novena Square 2

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  1. I love Mama's Patisserie's breads!! My favorites are the poached pear cheese, cranberry cream cheese, raisin custard buns & melon pan! I thought their buns are way better than Barcook which has gone downhill since their heydays. Fillings are so ample the buns are so heavy! <3 <3 You should try their black sesame yam & green tea anpan Phoebe. Pity you don't take chocolate, if not their famous chocolate bowl and banana caramel chocolate are yummy as well.

    heh, it's not a neighborhood bakery leh.

  2. hmmm i'm no fan of theirs or barcook's to be honest - too filmsy and soft. I stumbled upon Juzbread's raisin cream cheese - yummm! Yup, bought a couple of chocolate bowls for the ex-colleagues and they were raving abt it.

    ha! edited. :)

  3. I'm a big fan of soft breads! That's why I <3 Mama's Patisserie's's breads. Now you're making me crave their cranberry cream cheese!

    Where is Juzbread??

  4. wonder! juzbread is at tanjong pagar exchange.